If you've never changed a diaper, you're in for a few surprises. Namely wet ones, because if you're not fast enough, you might get peed on — or even worse, pooped on. Here's Slocum's advice for getting through the process unscathed. "To change a diaper, place the baby on his back and undo the diaper at top. You can use wipes of your choice to wipe off the baby until the bottom is clean. If you have a boy who likes to pee the minute the diaper is off, you may want to hold the top of the diaper on the baby with one hand while you get out the other diaper and then put the other diaper under the baby's bottom, keeping your hand holding on the top of the other diaper." Always keep supplies within arm's reach, because there's nothing worse than being caught off guard. Don't forget the diaper rash cream for redness or the talcum powder to ward off wetness. Trust us, you'll be changing diapers with your eyes closed in no time.

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