Summer is the season when all women go to the fashion shops to find the ideal swimwear. They spend lots of hours looking for the styles, shapes and colours of this piece of clothes to look perfect.

Different approaches to the choosing the swimsuits according to the age and figure type

Certainly, at the very young age, while you are only 20, triangle bikini is a wonderful choice. It can show the best sides of your body shape and make you feel comfortable and cool at the same time. Certainly your figure shape should be ideal. Young age can allow trying many variations and all the creative ideas and crazy colours. But when you get older and have children, you can feel that such swimming suits are not good for you and you want more coverage and support. Your thoughts about this playful garment change with the age.

Different variants of swimsuits

Tips and tricks how to select the swimsuit when you are over 40

If you are not so young there are some rules for choosing theswimsuit. But don’t do common mistakes. Many women try hiding all the figure flaws with more materials, wear one-pieces which can cover all the body. But it can work vice versa. Instead of hiding all problem zones you can catch everybody’s eye to them.

If you have massive thighs don’t wear swimsuits with shorts or skirts. It won’t look good. Opt for one-pieces that have a higher cut which can make an illusion of long legs.

Try choosing the swimming suits with control panels which can make you look slimmer and younger.

Another tip is to opt for a swimming suit which can make a perfect bust support. Many brands and designers create beautiful models taking into an account this detail. There are many various straps, halters and shelf-bras.

To look perfect at the pool or on the beach you should follow some rules.


  • Shades – metallic, neon colours, stark white.
  • Prints and patterns – florals can be not good, various psychedelic prints and patterns, animal prints.
  • Details – various sparkles and jewels on the suit, thongs, sheer details, fringe

Opt for:

  • Shades – neutral and bright colours can look very good
  • Prints and patterns – various stripes, dots, geometrical patterns, paisley and colour blocking.
  • Details – coverage for the problem zones, contrast trims and double lining.

If to say about the clothes which you can pair with your swimsuit, look for beautiful linen tunics or dresses, long feminine dresses, incredible sarongs.

When buying the perfect swimsuit don’t look for very cheap ones. This piece of clothes is very important and it can help you look wonderful and feel like a queen. So, it’s worth every dollar.

A woman on the beach wearing one-piece

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