A woman may carry a purse around on her arm for years or change purses whenever the seasons change. When the time comes to make a purse purchase, a woman should consider a few things before she spends any money. Here are 7 tips to finding the perfect purse.

Big Purses Are A Woman’s Best Friend:

A tiny bag may look cute, but that little clutch cannot really hold too much beyond a wallet and a pair of keys. That small bag will look sloppy if it is overstuffed, so it may be time for a bigger bag.

There are many styles of big bags, and a woman can find one that will match her taste and personality.



Find A Bag To Match Your Frame:

A woman who is petite does not want a bag so big she can carry her car in it.

There are purses of every sizes available, but a woman wants to carry a bag that will be flattering to her, not one that is massively huge or incredibly tiny.

Time To Let Go:

When a purse gets full of holes, it may be time to get rid of that purse for something new.

Though that holy purse may have sentimental value, it is not very fashionable or practical to carry a purse around that everything falls out of.



Soft Leather Is Best:

A purse made of soft leather looks like it is worn, which is the fashion these days. A hobo bag can be stylish and hold a lot of items in it.

Instead of going for an expensive purse, something that is comfortable and practical is the best option for any woman that wants a purse, but does not have a lot of money to spend.

A Structured Purse With Handles:

If a woman is looking for a purse she can take to work, or a purse she wants to use on a more formal occasion, then a structured purse will work best.

A structured purse is square in design and is made of tight leather. The purse has handles on it, which will compliment either a business suit or a special occasion fancy dress nicely.



A Messenger Bag:

Messenger bags are usually used as back packs for school, but now they are becoming fashionable to carry around as a purse.

To keep up with the demand for these square bags with long handles, purse companies are designing them to be just as stylish as purses.

Messenger bags are now coming out in different materials including leather, canvas, and nylon.

A Purse Made Of Skin:

If a woman is looking for a purse that will last a lifetime, then she should consider getting one made of skin. Just like cowboy boots, purses made of skin are very strong, durable, and can even take getting wet.

The most popular skins to be made into purses are crocodile, alligator, python, and ostrich. The price of skin purses is high, but they are worth the investment because they will last for many years.

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