Despite the reason for your visiting the airport, what you wear is becoming increasingly important. Here's a guide to keep your outfit comfortable, practical and stylish all the way to your destination.


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    Keep it simple. Avoid bright, bold prints in your clothes. If you have to, limit to one or two items. Dark clothing is a good idea as eating and drinking, without spills, can be hard when you experience turbulence. Using plain clothing will keep your outfit trendy, but practical.

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    Keep it comfy. Sometimes our favorite outfits aren't always the comfiest, but at the airport comfort comes before style. Sorry girls! Save those heels for your destination. You'll want to wear loose, soft clothes e.g. sweatpants, t-shirts, flip flops. You may not feel as dressed up as usual but you'll appreciate it once you're a few hours into your 9 hour flight!

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    Keep it warm. Airplanes are known for their varying temperature, so in this case layering is key. Cardigans and hoodies are your best bet, they're easy to work into any outfit, quick to take off and relatively light and compact when they need to go in your bag. Another useful item is a pashmina or large scarf. Scarves can be worn as fashion accessories round the airport and as soon as you feel a chill on the airplane, wrap it around you.

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    Keep it practical. Due to heavy checks items such as shoes, belts and jewellery have to be removed at security. So even if your several bangles do look good, you'll feel a bit stupid trying to hurriedly remove them with a long queue behind you. This is another reason why slip on shoes i.e. flip flops are a good idea.

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    Keep it stylish. Just because you have to account for all these factors does not mean you have to sacrifice your style. Make sure you feel confident in your outfit, and turn up to your destination looking gorgeous. Have fun!

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