Mostly, experts and dieticians will tell you that your blood sugar can only be reduced through diet and life style change; true your blood sugar can be reduced by observing changes in these items, however, there are certain things one can consume to effectively reduce blood sugar and all you need to imbibe as life style change is to consume these things as often as once or twice a week.
Good thing is that once dropped, your method of maintaining this blood goodness does not have to be as frequent as your first taste of it. Below are things to do to benefit from this.

Step by Step



  1. Find the tuber like herb called bitter cola, ensure it is dry on the outside, when the dark crust on the outside is peeled off, it will reveal a creamy like inside which should be moist and crunchy
  2. This cola called bitter cola should be eaten once and washed down with a smoothy which will also be described in the next line.
  3. The Smoothy: very unlike your conventional fruity smoothy, this is a combination smoothy which consist of mint leaf (tones the blood) and bitterleaf which also tones the blood but detoxifies and cleanses the blood too. this mixture should be blended till it gives you a liquid consistency that can be taken as juice and the thicker remains eaten as concentrate.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother still visible at the bottom of the bottle, purely unpasturized should also be taken as the third course of the blood sugar reduction. This liquid makes the blood alkaline and maintains an environment for the blood to quickly lose it excess sugar to the treatments stated above.
  5. Good thing is that this treatment can be done in any order. Apple Cider before Bitter cola and smoothy, or bitter cola and smoothy before apple cider vinegar. This therapy is mostly effective in managing prediabetic stages.
  6. Please be advised that this is not a substitute to treatment in diabetic patients, however, it can be used as a preventive measure.
  7. Usage
  8. Use this treatment twice a week for 2 weeks, this will drop blood sugar moderately
  9. After this, treatment can be used when one feels like blood sugar is playing up or preferably, once a month.
  10. Best of luck

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