How to feel like God’s gift to women

You might not be God’s gift to women (who is?), but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you are.

Flick through any women's magazine and you'll find articles on how to feel sexier, sassier and more confident around men.

In fact, there's a library of tricks and tips out there telling women how to feel like a million dollars - physically and emotionally.

But what about us blokes? What are the simple strategies that can make any man feel more attractive, more charming and more confident around the opposite sex?

Here are a few bankers.

Don't focus on looks
If you think the attractive blonde in the barely there skirt wouldn't be interested in a guy like you, think again. Whatever you think of your own looks, remember that women are less focused on the purely physical than we are. That's not to say that looks don't matter at all, but girls generally want to know what else you can bring to the table.

So are you known for your wit and charm? Can you make her laugh? Have you achieved something amazing in your life? Do you have a great job or a laidback lifestyle? Do you instinctively know how to dress well? Are you warm, easy to talk to and interesting?

Any of these can trump simple looks in the dating game, and add a couple of them together and you're looking like a pretty good bet. Make the best of your body, by all means, but don't think it's the be-all and end-all of your chances with women. With that knowledge in hand, start feeling good about yourself at the bar, in the club, or wherever you might be.

Flirt with her...or her...or her
Flirt with pretty women. So you think you haven't got a chance with any of them? So what? Flirt anyway. Just be friendly, witty, warm, interesting and interested. Do it in a group if that makes it easier. Just get yourself around women you're attracted to.

Why? Because it will make you feel better and more confident. Research from the University of California found that just a five-minute talk with an attractive woman raised the levels of testosterone in male subjects by 14% and the anti-stress hormone cortisol by 48%.

In other words, the men started feeling alive, vital, less anxious, healthy and - yes - sexy, regardless of how they measured themselves on the attractiveness scale. And when you feel like that, you really do feel that you can pull any woman in the bar.

Think like a machine
You may not be confident in your looks, but you don't need to be. Shift your attitude. Your body isn't a static object to be viewed by others, it's a finely tuned machine that you can hone and improve if you want to. It performs - brilliantly.

That shifts the power to you - and away from the people who observe you - which means that, if you've worked out well that week, you can revel in your physical fitness. And even if you're getting nowhere with the pretty girl at the bar on a Friday night, you can relax, because you'll be even fitter next week, when your rosy glow of good health is bound to work to your advantage.

Straighten up
Men who lack confidence look like they lack confidence. They slouch. They pull in their arms and make themselves look as small and insignificant as possible. They become invisible.

If you want to feel better about yourself the simplest trick is to look like an Alpha male (even if you're not one). Stand up straight, spread yourself out a bit, and 'own' the space around you. It will make you feel bigger, manlier and more confident.

Another simple physical trick is to smile - lots. Smiling makes you seem relaxed, and the more you fake it the more you'll find that it starts to come true. Pretend to relax and after a while you'll become more relaxed.

Finally, dress well - but don't follow the herd. Let your clothes stand out, whether that's because of colour, quality of cut or the way you mix designer jeans and charity shop shirts. Lots of blokes in bars dress exactly like each other. Standing out (albeit subtly - ditch the clown costume) will give you the confidence boost that comes from being seen as an individual.

Be yourself
So there you have it, some simple ways to make you feel like you can pull any woman in the bar. None of them require a lot of time, money and effort, and they all have one further advantage. They'll make you feel more attractive to women - and many of them will actually make you more attractive to women too.

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