When the weather turns warm because of the summer, women love to put away their shoes with enclosed toes and go out to buy a new pair of sandals. However, last year the sandals that were bought were not the right kind, and they ended up hurting both your feet and your back. There are some tips to help women find the perfect summer sandals.

Quality Over Price

In every dollar store, there is a selection of sandals and flip flops.

However, paying just one dollar for footwear may be low cost, but the quality is not going to be very high.

Sandals can be reasonably priced, but one dollar footwear is probably going to do more harm than good.



The Style Of Sandal

Sandals come in a variety of styles and colors.

Before you choose just any pair of sandals, think about your wardrobe and what color and style would go best with the contents of your closet.

You may want to consider neutral colors like tan or white because they can go with pretty much anything.

The Level Of Comfort

Are you going to be spending a lot of time on your feet?

If you are going to spend the summer on vacation, then you need to think about how long you are going to be on your feet.

Those sandals may be cute, but are you going to be able to handle them for six, eight, or even ten hours?



The Kind Of Feet You Have

Like sandals, women’s feet can come in many shape and sizes.

The commercial for a cute style of sandals may look great on the feet of the model wearing them, but your feet may be too wide, long, or narrow to wear those sandals.

You need to try on any sandals you are interested in to make sure they will fit your feet properly.

Flip Flops Versus Sandals

Flip flops are a typical shoe for summer, but they might be the right summer shoe for everyone.

Flip flops do not offer much in terms of support, and they might actually cause harm to your feet.



Sandals For Walking

If you want to spend the summer walking, then you need to get sandals that have straps on them.

The straps can make sure your feet are secure in the sandal, which is going to give your feet a lot of support for every step you take.


The High Heel Sandal

The fashion may be to get high heel sandals, but the truth is that they are made for style and not for much else.

Sandals with heels on them may be great for one night out, but wearing them for every other summer day activity is going to be uncomfortable for your feet and may also cause you back and leg pain.

Every summer women buy a new pair of sandals.

However, before you grab any sandals off the shelf, you need to stop and think about what you will be using them for, if they fit properly on your feet, and if they will go with your summer outfits.

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