Why does the braid continue to allure us? Maybe because it's the cat eye of hairstyles, prompting Pinterest boards full of inspiration, countless video tutorials, and more red carpet appearances than one can possibly count. The messy braid—recently sported by Emma Stone at the Met Gala and Blake Lively in Cannes—is just one iteration of this very pervasive hair trend. But, may we point out, it's also the coolest.

You see, braids are reminiscent of childhood and olden times, which is why the milkmaid braid iscute, but not terribly chic. Adding volume and texture brings this style to a distinctly modern place, making it look effortless and chic (while still being really, ridiculously pretty).

The lovely celebrity hair guru and Fudge Urban brand ambassador Lou Teasdale knows a thing or two about cool beauty—she practically wrote the book on it. And even though she spends a decent amount of time not braiding the boys of One Direction, for whom she's the hairstylist, her technique for a messy plait is still the best one out there.

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