Having a hard time figuring out how to get that artwork or framed poster on the wall? No hook on the back of the painting? Don’t despair, you can create a makeshift art hanger using a pop tab in less than five minutes.


  1. Hang Art with Pop Tabs Step 3.jpg

    Remove the pop tabs from the tops of the soda or beer cans. Carefully remove the tab to avoid damaging it. Twist and turn the tab so it releases itself from the can. This may require a little patience.

    • Take care when removing the tab, as the metal can cut your fingers. Consider wearing work gloves when performing this task, especially if you're removing tabs from multiple cans.
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    Choose a central spot on the back of the painting or artwork to place the screw. Use a measuring tape to determine where the center is and how far up you should place the screw.

  3. Hang Art with Pop Tabs Step 6.jpg

    Use a pencil to mark the perfect spot for the screw. A simple large pencil dot will work.

  4. Hang Art with Pop Tabs Step 7.jpg

    Drive the screw into the pencil marking slowly. Don’t rush this step or you could damage the backing of the painting or scratch the artwork.

    • Test the screw to ensure it’s completely in place and doesn’t move. The screw will be the anchor to the wall hanger so you will want to make sure it’s solidly in the backing.
  5. Hang Art with Pop Tabs Step 8.jpg

    Add the pop tab hanger. Slide the bottom hole of the pop tab over the screw and pull into place. The tab should lock into place, providing the hole on the other side for hanging. The artwork is now ready to hang.

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