Midriff Cut Dresses: How to Impress By Showing Off Your Body

Once upon a time, showing your midriff when you went out to a special event was a big no-no. However, these midriff cut dresses have become all the rage and are constantly see on the red carpet. You may be tempted to wear one but not really know when it is suitable or how to pull it off. Here are some great tips to help.

Have The Figure For It

Before you even think about it, make sure you have the figure for it. It may sound obvious but some women believe they have the body but really don’t—and this can be because you’re too skinny! You need some curves but not too many to be able to pull this style off.

Limit The Amount Of Skin Shown

There’s no need for the whole midriff showing. You want to limit the amount of your flesh that shows. Consider dresses that just have a small diamond cut out at each side or a few slats on the way up. The same applies to the length and neckline. You don’t want the attention to be drawn to a lot of different places; there’s no point to the cut outs otherwise.

Pick A Colour That Suits You

That royal blue may look stunning on the hanger but it might not work with your complexion. Choose a dress that matches your complexion so it works well when your midriff is showing. Try on a few styles to find the one that works best on you.


Don’t Wear A Belt!

You may know that a belt works really well to show off your figure but not when it comes to these midriff cut dresses. It adds to the cut out area and takes away from the attention.

Some dresses are designed with the belt in mind and will have something that stops where the cut outs are. If you really want a belt, look for those dresses to take advantage of them.

Work Your Way Up To The Bigger Cut Outs

There are some great dresses that have big cut outs. They can make you look and feel like a Greek Goddess but you need to have the confidence to go with them.

Work your way up to these dresses. Often, you need the confidence to be able to own the dress and make it work for you.

Expose Your Back Instead

Some women feel their back is more flattering than their stomach. If this is the case, look for dresses where the cut outs are towards the back of the sides instead of the front.

This will help with your confidence and you can spend time toning your front up to get ready for the glamorous front ones.

Think About The Placement Of The Cut Out

Midriff cut out dresses are great for those with toned waistlines but this isn’t the majority of the public. That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the dresses. The cut outs could be anywhere, including further up or down. Look for ones that work to your body shape.

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