You want to be trendy and to live in the fashionable apartment of your dreams, don’t you? But you are young and live in the rental flat which is boring and isn’t beautiful at all? We want to offer you some creative decorating hacks how to make your flat beautiful, fashionable and on-tend to invite your friends and to feel comfortable like home here.

Photos in the wall

Change the paint job and the atmosphere will also be changed

Nowadays pastel palettes are very trendy and it also can be suitable for the paint. So, ask your landlord about the possibility of the fashionable overhaul and redo some little rooms like a bathroom or entryway. It will be so cool. You can choose any colour you want but opt for light and bright one. Also you can paint just an accent wall instead of painting the entire space. In this case look for Tiffany blue, lilac or burgundy to make the room elegant looking.

Bright walls

Add some decorations

  • If you can’t paint anything you can create a wonderful wall with bright curtains. They can add trendy elements to your space.
  • If you are not allowed to paint the entire room, look for the bright furniture. To cheer up your apartment you can add something bright from the chair to other pieces to refresh your space. They can be of very bright colours like fuchsia, canary yellow or peppermint green. It can add positive elements to your space and when the mood is not good the pop of colour will be able to raise it.
  • Add mirrors – they can enhance your room and also they can visually make the space bigger than it is.
  • Another trendy trick is your own art on the canvas. It is not expensive and you can choose any colours you want. You can paint things you like best or ask your friends to help you and do such painting together.
  • Hang interesting bookshelves in the unexpected positions. This trick will help you to store different things and it will be a fresh and trendy element in you flat.
  • Change all the door knobs and the handles. You can choose any style, size and colour. The new handles will look great and the entire space will be changed a lot.
  • Install various radiator covers to hide the old radiators and to turn them into the book shelves.
  • Decorate the walls with your family photos. This trick can help you to make you feeling like home. You can create even the real gallery hanging the most memorable photos.
  • Add green window plants, beautiful flowers, orchids everywhere – greenery can make your room be fresh and stylish.
  • Decorate the floor with various rugs. They can be of different colours and with many authentic prints.
  • Add floor lighting and many lamps to your apartments to make the room more comfortable.

To feel home in the rental flat add little things which can be important for you and that will make comfortable your living in this place.

Greenary in the flat

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