How To Make Your Fiancé Happy :)

Men have a different perspective of love and relationships than women, that is why some men feel that no matter what they do they can't make the woman they love happy.

So guys, let us help you out a little. Here are a few simple things you can do that'll make your wife-to-be happy:

1- Be a gentleman: Take her out to dinner every now and then, open doors for her, pull out her chair, sweep her off her feet for an evening.

2- Be honest: The most important thing in a relationship is trust, and women tend to worry about their partner not being as honest as they want them to be. So make sure that she knows you would never lie to her.

3- Be nice to her friends: A woman's friends are her second family, if they don't like you, you are in for a bumpy ride.

4- Be punctual: It's never polite to keep the woman you love waiting.

5- Be patient: Remember that women are more emotional and tend to overreact, as strong and as smart as she may be, your partner would appreciate it if you let her vent.

6- Buy her flowers: Flowers and chocolates are always welcome, and never need an occasion.

7-Call back: Call her back when you say you will.

8- Comfort her: When she is feeling sad and needs a shoulder to cry on, be there.

9- Compliment her: Whether you compliment her on her appearance or on her achievements, women love to be complimented.

10- Get rid of the exes: How would you feel if her ex showed up to say hi? Or called her phone number? Don’t make her feel like she has to worry about any other women getting your attention.

11- Remember important dates: Your anniversary, her birthday, valentine’s day… it's the small details that count.

12- Open up: Talk to her about your worries and problems, even if she doesn't have the answer, this will bring you closer together.

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