Are your parents always fighting? Do you want it to stop? When dealing with arguing parents, you need to see it from their point of view. Depending on what your parents are actually fighting about, these steps will help accomplish your goal to stop your parents from fighting.


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    Listen to what they're fighting about! If it's something silly, then it will be easier to accomplish the following steps. But, if it's a bigger issue, such as money problems (if this is the problem, do not worry. Many people have this happen to them) cheating, attitudes, or just plain aggression, listen carefully to what your parents are saying.

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    Decide what you're going to do. If you now know what they're fighting about, think of how you're going to approach them. Think of how they'll respond, and never do anything drastic. Lay out your plan in your head and go over the possible scenarios.

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    Remember that your parents will always feel pain if they see you in pain, no matter how much they love you. If they never see you during arguments with their partner, they won't think about you. Out of the room, and out of mind, make yourself be seen and heard. If they just shove you away, keep coming back. Your parents need to see you.

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    If the last step did not work, approach them after the argument. Don't do it right after; maybe on the next day, or when they're in a good mood.

    • Remember: you must have both parents there. Explain your problem, and what it's doing to you.
      • Also, tell an adult you trust, such as a favorite teacher. Ask them to phone your parents, laying out what the fight is actually doing to you. If they don't listen to you, they'll listen to an adult. Tell them that if the fight continues, you don't think you can be a part of your family. It's hurting you emotionally and physically, and this has to stop!
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    If they continue not to listen to you, go to another adult again. Ask for a solution.

    • Alternatively, you could move in with someone else for a week, like a close friend, or aunt. This will show your parents in clear black and white, that you weren't kidding around.
      • Go back to your house in a matter of time. By then, they will have realized how much you mean to them, and probably try to stop fighting. Remember, this doesn't happen overnight.
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    Remember that sometimes people weren't meant to be together. If the fight is really driving them crazy, let them get a divorce. It may be painful, but you would be improving your lifestyle and your parents'. They may even find the true "one."

    • Think back to your old lifestyle and how all of the fighting drove you crazy. If it is/was physically, call the police! You may not know this, but thousands of people die each year of physical abuse. It is not healthy and must be reported.
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    Hope for the best and live your life to the fullest.

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    If your parents do get a divorce and you have trouble deciding who you want to live with, choose the one who is most nurturing, and who you thought was most right (in your opinion). Let the parent you don't want to live with, know that you thought he or she was wrong.

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