How To Travel With An Infant

We all feel sorry for that mom sitting in the front of the plane with the crying infant in her arms. Flying with an infant is one of the most difficult situations a mom can face, if she did not prepare her travel well.

If you are travelling with an infant, planning ahead is essential to make your trip hassle-free and more comfortable for both of you. Follow these simple planning tips.

While booking your plane ticket, make sure you reserve a seat with a front space that is suitable for a mom with an infant. Most of the planes have the front seats’s wall equipped with a mechanism that holds an infant’s bed for him to sleep. It is also a safer option for the baby.

Prepare a checklist of all the items your baby needs throughout the trip. It will inclulde getting enough diapers, formula milk, rash creams, moisturizers, bottles, enough clothes, shampoo, soft towel, a favourite toy, baby wet wipes, and the list goes on.. By creating a list and checking the items one by one, you will be sure not to miss out anything.

Baby essentials can take a lot of space while packing. Make sure that the important things are packed in a different small baby bag that will be with you all the time of the travel. It includes the baby’s documents, extra clothes in case of accidents, a his favorite blanket, enough diapers for the whole flight time, baby wipes, bottle, and milk.

Because of the airport hassle and the security checks, a baby sling can be useful to keep your hands free for paper work. A stroller could be another option, and can help you if you get tired of carrying the weight. Never leave your baby alone at any point.

Breastfeeding the baby on the plane can be made more comfortable for you by telling the flight attendants to move you to a less crowded area. You can also ask for a pillow and blanket to make the process is more relaxing and easy. If you’re using formula milk, ask for clean warm water to mix with the powder you got. If you have frozen pumped breast milk, ask for a cup of hot water and place the bottle inside for the milk to get warm.

If your baby cries during the flight, don’t panic and stay calm. Your baby can feel your stress and it won’t help calming him down. Flight attendants usually can help you if you feel stressed and need an extra hand.

Reserve a hotel that is child friendly, and has safety standards, especially if she is crawling. Ask the hotel service if they provide a child crib and bath as these are two things that you can’t carry with you easily while travelling.

If you’re planning to spend the night out of the hotel, for dinner for example, make sure the hotel has proper child care, especially that infants require extra care and attention. Make sure to leave your number with the nanny in case of emergency.

If your baby sleeps throughout the flight, consider yourself the luckiest mom. If she doesn’t and starts crying, it’s ok as people around you will understand what you’re going through. The key is to stay calm and focused, and don’t get stressed out.

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