Fashion designers in their runways offer so many various hats which can make your look elegant and trendy.  But sometimes it’s difficult to find the hat which fits your face form. That’s why you should know some tips and tricks of wearing the hats to look stylish and fashionable.

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The right size of the hat

The main rule is the hat in right size fits your face form perfectly. Before choosing the right hat, think not only about the form of your face but also about your shoulders size and your body shape. The brim of the hat should be as wide as your shoulders. In case if it differs the hat can fit not as you wish. If you are petite don’t wear the hats with wide brims. For tall fashionistas floppy types of hats will be the best.

 Don’t forget about hat etiquette

For those fashion lovers who want to look stylish, hat etiquette rules have been invented. Avoid wearing baseball caps when you go to the restaurant or meet friends at their place.Please, remove your hat if it hinders somebody to see the surrounding.

Your hat should match your face form

Matching a hat with your face form is one of the most important thing of looking stylish and fashionable. There are different types of hats just like face forms.  Certainly not every hat will fit great any face. If you have an oval face you can wear various hats like beanies or hats with bands. Also you can try other variants to find you like best. If you are a heart-faced woman try not to wear hats with wide brims. For those women who have a round face we advise to avoid tiny or round hats. Floppy hats or bowler will fit women with square-shaped faces. If you have a long face look for a hat with big brims.

Beautify your hat

Sometimes you can be not satisfied with the look of your hat. In this case you may embellish it with beautiful flowers or feathers replacing them on the right part.

Hairstyle is also very important

When you wear hats your hairstyle can be spoiled when you take the hat off. So in order to look perfect in any situation create a fashionable hairstyle with a side fringe.

Avoid overmatching

Try not to match the shade of your hat with other pieces of your look. The exact colour can make your look boring and not fashionable. You should follow this rule no matter whether you wear the hat as an everyday piece of your outfit or for a great party.

Choose hats for formal occasions

You should know that if you want to have a great look wearing a hat consider that the brim size should differ according to the daytime. In the morning or at night it would be better to wear small hats to look stylish. As for the afternoon the best choice is a hat with wide brims.

Wearing beautiful hats can make your look stylish and trendy. When choosing your best hat, remember about your face form and figure shape, occasions and overmatching. Follow our tips, don’t forget about the accessories and be fashionable and elegant.

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