There's no better time to experiment with cocktails than the summer. In the latest installment of TODAY's "Imagine That in Your Kitchen" food trend series, we're talking all about cool cocktails. Wow your friends with a couple delicious drinks created by James Beard Award winning mixologist Leo Robitschek, the beverage director for New York City's famed Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad.

Video: Leo Robitschek is the bar director at the NoMad Hotel and is a recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program. In this video, he explains how to craft some of his signature creations which just happen to be perfect for summer.

First up, he makes the Fresa y Cerveza — a refreshing beer cocktail that tastes like a strawberry Jolly Rancher in a glass.

Next up, he makes the Berry Dangerous Fix, which has a strong anise and caraway flavor, thanks to the use of Aquavit. But if you're not a fan of that, or just don't have any Aquavit, any clear liquor can be swapped in.

Berry Dangerous Fix by Leo Robitschek

Check out the video to see how it's done. For real, it's worth it. We had a tough time staying sober during this shoot — one sip and we couldn't stay away. And in case you've found it confusing when to shake and when to stir, watch Leo show you how it's done.


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