Every person born under the sign of the zodiac, or otherwise, has the distinctive feature of nature, taste and the concept of comfort in the house. So you do not make a mistake in choosing the style, color and furniture for your interior, we have a whole year writing articles on the topic of interiors for different signs of the zodiac.

1. Aries: practicality and minimalism

Aries - very energetic people. They are capable of doing several things at once, to travel, explore new places, and yet they love the practicality and minimum of unnecessary items. Things to Aries should be as functional and the apartment - stylish, practical and filled with air.

2. Taurus: environmental friendliness and comfort

Taurus - very stubborn people, so if they decided to create the perfect interior for yourself, you would not desist from this idea. They are in no hurry to furnish your home with stylish furniture, but rather carefully select its texture and quality as well as its interior are built to last. Taureans tend to use in the interior ekomaterialy and they are not alien to areas such as Provence, country and other rural and ethno-stylization.

3. Twins: variability and space

Gemini - people who are constantly running somewhere and follow the latest trends. Such people prefer to their interior was plenty of space and air, so they feel comfortable in the loft-style apartments with large windows. Gemini also a welcome change - in their house for ever, something is changing: whether the decor on the walls or textiles. Do not be surprised if one day you will come to the house of twins and will not find any familiar object.

4. Cancers: peace and comfort

Cancers in the interiors of most value comfort. Alien to them loud house parties, so in their own homes, they are trying to create an atmosphere in which to comfortably stay close to their loved ones. Their interiors are often dominated by light colors with shades of gray, green or blue colors and furniture Cancers often try to choose a round shape.

5. Lions: gloss and luxury

Lions prefer stately and luxurious interiors. They often like to arrange at home called, techniques, and thus the center of the house they find the living room, which also must necessarily be a fireplace. Lions trying to pick up their interiors of good quality and stylish furniture made from natural materials, as well as accessories like exquisite.

6. Virgo: attention to detail

Virgin constantly analyze everything that comes their way, and therefore their interior can not do without personal corner for thought. Also very important for Dev details. Much attention they pay and light. In their interior there are plenty of lighting scenarios and each performs a specific function. For the decor in the interiors Dev meet bizarre, often with serious philosophical implications paintings in the style of Salvador Dali or Vasily Vereshchagin.

7. Balance: lightness and elegance

People born under the sign of Libra, will not furnish the interior pompous and pretentious objects. For them, more are characterized by elegant pieces of furniture, like chairs mahogany cabinets or on thin carved legs. Libra love the ease in everything, so that their space is not cluttered, and the elements of the house easy to move and are moved apart.

8. Scorpio: Modernity and space

Whatever seemed kind of interior Scorpions, he must always obey the uniform style, organize the space so that it subconsciously present depth and infinity. The whole apartment - living room, bedroom, living room, bathroom - must be grasped by a single color, decor, flooring or ceiling, alluding to the maze, and perhaps even to the catacombs.

9. Sagittarius: simplicity and mobility

Sagittarians insanely active people and love to travel, so direct marafet in the interior for them makes no sense. Rather, they prefer an old chest of drawers, which can be folded cherished souvenirs and furniture-transformer.

10. Capricorn: strength and conservatism

Capricorns alien to the pursuit of trends and novelties of the season. They are more likely to buy things made to order, and wait patiently for their delivery. Every piece of furniture in their interior as if for centuries: durable solid wood furniture or genuine leather - their choice. Capricorns are also more likely to build your own house than vedut in ready townhouse.

11. Aquarius: diversity and bright colors

People born under the sign of Aquarius, very versatile personality: they like one today and another tomorrow. Therefore decorated interior, Aquarians tend to order furniture-transformer and buy a lot of different interchangeable textiles. Aquarius also has a passion for many small parts and accessories - they delight them with its diversity.

12. Pisces: Culture and accessories

Pisces - People romantic, but prone to melancholy. They need a vacation home from others, tranquility and relaxation. Interior for them to be decorated in soft colors and pastel shades: white, cream, yellow, pale blue and green. Fish - big chistyuli, which is why they are not cluttered interior furnishings and decorations: the representatives of this zodiac sign are in need of space and air.