Each woman wants to be a great lover, but not all ladies can give crazy sexual pleasure to her partner, as geisha do. So, what are her intimate secrets?  



What is Geisha?


They're professional artists to entertain guests and it is nothing like prostitutes. They're trained with traditional skills like Japanese style dance, wearing kimono, singing, alcohol serving, calligraphy,  and many more. Historical said that Geisha started in the eleventh century when there were entertainments for the warriors. They are very talented women who would keep developing themselves.



How to become a Geisha?


It is not so easy to become a great Geisha. Okami, the head lady,  there make interviews to potential geisha, in ages between 14 and 19, before accepting them to teach. If a girl is accepted into the o-chaya, she should live and be trained there for 5 -6 years.  A maiko wears ahigh wooden shoes and a colorful kimono with long sleeves. When a maiko gets to twenty, she may decide to become a geisha or to refuse.


Intimate Secrets

Great attention is attracted by the look of a geisha, thGeisha2ey spend a lot of time caring for themselves. To try, take a hot bath, add 2 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of patchouli , take a relaxing self-massage, paying attention to every inch of your body, then treat your hair. The main thing to not be in a hurry, take your time to feel attractive.


  • Attention to her husband

Geisha know that men can be pleasing in the bed. Every man wants to feel desirable, single,  interesting, this is the most important secret of the geisha is her ability to listen. Each word of her man, she looking at him from under half-closed eyes, with full of attention.



  • Prelude

For prelude geisha use a erotic massage, don't be in hurry and admire the partner's body. Start with massage his feet and hands with rose oil then take attention to the neck and shoulders, inner sides of thighs, chest, gently slide the hand.

After this he’s ready for the main massage. Use elbows and hands, be creative. Do massage until you feel that the tension is gone from the body of the partner.

Geisha are known by their ability to excite a desire for its bewitching movements. You can also dance until you decide that a person is excited and relaxed. Kissing should be sensual, surrender to the power of passion.



Techniques of seduction that apply geisha will help you arrange an unforgettable night of love to surprise your husband. Methods of geisha are available to each one, regardless of age.