When you get a new pet, it is a daunting time. Whether you get a rescue pet or you opt for buying a puppy from someone you know, you are taking that animal to new surroundings. It is really important to ease the pet in, whether it is a cat or dog, to keep your home a friendly environment.

Think About The Ride Home

Even though you may normally enjoy loud music in the car, keep it down during the journey home.

Your pet may be really nervous, especially if he’s a rescue one. Don’t let him roam freely in the car. Try to get a carrier, especially for a cat, or something suitable to keep your pet still.



Set Up A Specific Room For The New Pet

You want to get your pet used to one room at a time.

Place a bowl of water and food and the pet’s bedding in a quiet room—where there is little foot traffic—so he can get used to his new surroundings and the sounds around the area.

A window is good but you don’t want anything open where the pet can escape.

Make The Room Safe

This specific room needs to be safe. A pet will explore the surroundings. Don’t have anything that he can climb up onto, pull down or otherwise hurt himself with.

You’re not going to be in there all the time and that shelf on the wall is really inviting.



Have Some Patience

You don’t want to rush this process. Allow your new furry friend the time to get used to everything and tell you when he’s ready to move onto the next stage.

It can take a few hours but it could also take a few months to really feel settled in. It depends on the past and other situations in your home.

Pay A Lot Of Attention To Him

He wants attention and love, so pay it to him. Go into the room and play with him to help him get settled into your home. Make it clear that it is his home too. Only go in one at a time.

You don’t want to overwhelm the poor animal. If there are children in the home, make sure they don’t play too boisterous, especially with a rescue dog!



Getting Used To Animal Scents

If you have other animals in the house, you want to make sure they get along with each other.

The best thing you can do is allow them to get used to each other’s scent first. Even your older pet can feel put out by a new one coming in. Switch the bedding around and let them play with each other’s toys.


Let Them Play Through A Door

Don’t push them to play together right away. Allow them to play through a door or window, where they can see each other.

This will get them used to being around one another and can really make the difference between aggressiveness and happy playtime.

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