Many of us have hang-ups about an area below the waist that we'd love to, well, actually love. And while we can't promise you that this 10-minute workout will give you the twiggy thighs of a runway model (who really wants those anyway?), we can get you to your personal best, slimming inches off your hips, belly, butt, and thighs, with our new program developed by Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln.

We tested the simple routine on 27 busy women, and every single one experienced a lower-body transformation. Legs became lithe and lean, hips and thighs shrank, and waists took shape. And after 8 weeks, the participants lost up to 18 pounds and 12 inches and ended the program feeling stronger, sexier, and more confident than ever.

"At first these exercises seem easy because there's no impact on your joints, and the movements are small and controlled. But after a few reps, your lower body starts to heat up," says Lincoln. "You're barely moving, but your body is clearly burning fat and building muscle."

Maximize each pose with Lincoln's 3-step formula:

Step 1: Hold it
Every exercise starts with an isometric hold. This forces your muscle fibers to work extra hard to keep you stable.

Step 2: Move a little
Next, you'll layer on small, 1-inch movements. By moving your body just an inch, you get even deeper into your muscles.

Step 3: Move a lot
Finally, you'll do larger movements, such as a squat. This raises your heart rate, burns calories, and energizes your body.

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