As you settle down, whether on your own or with a partner, you may think about introducing someone (or something) else into your home. Getting a new pet is something that you really need to think about. It’s not something that you will have for a few months and can then discard. It’s like deciding to have a baby. Is it really the right time to get a pet?

Think About The Type Of Pet You Want

Different pets have different needs. A dog may be your favourite but you may find that a cat, rabbit or other pet is much more suitable for your current situation.

Discuss the different animal needs and whether this is the right time to introduce one to your home.



Do You Own Your Own Home?

If you own a home, there’s no worry about this. However, if you rent, you will need to talk to the landlord about having a pet.

Some landlords worry about the damage that an animal will do to the furniture, carpets and other things around the home. You may be limited to the type of pet that you get or may be told no.

Are You Home During The Day?

If you work a lot and really want a dog, now is not the best time for the animal. Dogs need to be walked a lot and it isn’t fair on them to keep them locked up in the day the whole time.

It could be a recipe for disaster, especially if you get a puppy that still needs training.



Are You Financially Ready For A Pet?

Pets cost a lot of money—often more than babies! You need to think about bedding, food, vaccinations and the vet bills. There is pet insurance but this can also be expensive depending on the type of animal that you get.

If you opt for a tropical animal, you will need to think about heating and the special care and attention. If you’re not in a position financially yet, wait until you are.

Do You Move Around A Lot?

If you’re not settled in a home yet, getting a pet may not be the best choice. It takes time for animals to get used to surroundings and that is really daunting if you move around on a daily basis.

Wait until you are settled down somewhere; like when you buy your own home.



Consider Pet Sitting For A While

It’s a major change having a pet and you need to be ready for that. Instead of getting a pet right now, consider pet sitting for a friend, neighbour or even a stranger who wants to go away for a few nights.

This is your chance to find out just how much care and attention the animal needs from you.


Do You Have Small Children?

There are many benefits to getting pets if you have small children. Puppies and babies can grow up together. However, it can also be a recipe for disaster. Your children may not like animals or may even torment the pet.

You need to make sure your children understand just how important an animal is before bringing it into the home.

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