Seeing the number you want on the scale, and keeping it there, can feel like a losing battle. If you feel as if you've tried - and failed - at every diet plan in the world, maybe it's time to look up into the solar system and let the significance of your sign guide you to managing your weight successfully!

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fired up to succeed and bouncing with energy, Fire Signs can win at the losing game if they follow this rule: don't burn out too early! Your spark gets you revved up to the point where you want to do an all-or-nothing diet. So, you hunt around for a food plan that promises to take off the weight fast, such as a juice fast or a drastic detox diet. Two days of drinking nothing but parsley and pear juice, though, leaves you drained - and you gain back all you lost, plus more, after a desperation binge on junk food. Instead, take your time to find a diet that's right for you, and check with your doctor too to get an expert's input. 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

Your sensitivity to outside influences can help if you use the advice of experts (both in person and online) to plan your diet to drop those excess pounds. Meet your weight loss goals by teaming up with an expert. Watching your bottom line in dollars as well as weight? Look into some of the online options that are free and offer nutrition advice from experts. Spend some time browsing the diet and fitness sections of your book store or library. Look for books authored by doctors and/or registered dieticians with substantial credentials and experience. Seek a book that describes options for living a "real" life, with tips on what to order if you eat out, or strategies for grocery shopping. Ask your health care provider for his or guidelines regarding your own medical condition, so you can be aware of any special considerations. 

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) 

Ever-changing like the oceans, you can use your astrological character traits to get great results on weigh-in days. Keep it simple when it comes to dietary changes, and avoid complex food plans. A diet that requires you to eat 2.5 ounces of liver and 7.1 ounces of asparagus for lunch every third day, for example, will get you so stressed that you'll toss the diet out the window and head for the nearest bakery! Instead, consult a registered dietician and go for smart, easy changes, such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminating "white foods" like white bread and pasta. Then, get in the swim, literally! Dive into your element by setting a goal of swimming three times a week. No access to a pool? Check your local adult school or YMCA for reasonably priced access to theirs, including swim lessons. Experiment with taking a relaxing yoga class once a week to help you feel physically and emotionally balanced. 

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) 

Your grounded nature lends itself to simple yet effective exercises that you can schedule in regularly. Consider walking, jogging, or biking for fitness. In addition, team up to stay on track with your diet and fitness goals. Try a diet program with group meetings, for example, or invite a friend to take a fitness class with you. And, don't turn diet into a four-letter word! Consider what you like to eat (and what you hate), and base your choice of a diet on something you can follow without deprivation. Keep yourself motivated by planning non-food rewards for each goal that you attain. A month of attending fitness classes regularly, for example, might result in a reward of a massage. 

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