New and unexpected reasons for suffering have rediscovered recently, thousands of Russians. Quite well in the social and material terms people harass each other because of the things that seemingly do not have to carry anything but joy and ease of life. Computers and all sorts of gadgets, consuming a lot of time, have caused mass jealousy have long. But few people come to mind jealous close to the sports equipment or musical instruments.
Alexander P. ran from St. Petersburg to psychologists with acute family problems - actually collapsed completely happy marriage, there were three and a half years.

- A man was wholly inadequate and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which can cater to the House psihlechebnitsy - says psychologist and sex therapist Oleg Vorobyev. - It is clear that to live with him in the apartment of a spouse could not, and the young men ran to the corners. Unique was the reason for the break. Alexander was jealous of his own wife to the ... bike.

From the story of Alexander P.

"The first two years we lived in a fairy tale. No house, no problems at work was not to burden themselves children in the near future we are not going to, like fully enjoy each other. I can not say exactly at what moment, everything changed. We Marina stopped making love. By myself I know is usual in such cases, weakens desire in men, but everything turned out to be quite the opposite. I always wanted Marinochka, and she seemed frozen, even to touch myself did not give. If earlier in the evening we spent together, now she tried to slip away from me and I found the reason for this. Every evening a few hours riding around the city on a bicycle. returned home in an incredibly good mood, with extremely satisfied face. that's how it looked before after a heated caresses in bed. for me, it became it is obvious that she has found a new lover. And right would man. Can you imagine how frustrating to feel that you are changing with lots of iron, I have repeatedly tried to talk to Marina, but she twirled his finger to his temple. Finally, we had a fight, when I tried to cut with a knife bicycle saddle, is a source of pleasure. She took the iron horse and went to my mother. "

- In this case, it turned out pretty simple, - says Dr. Vorobiev. - Fortunately, Marina agreed to meet and talk openly about family problems. It turned out that her tortured for six months of pain in the lumbar region. What really is the sex! Talk about it to her husband she just did not want to. And the doctors advised her every day to ride a bike, so she and implement their recommendations. Alexander Marina reconciled and now in the evenings together pedaled.

crimes of Passion

Popular St. Petersburg musician Artem S. went to the police with a statement about finding people to cause him enormous material damage. Unidentified attackers slash knife vintage german accordion, worth more than € 5 thousand. The tool can not be restored, becoming a pile of leather, wood and plastic. Dense program of tours and appearances at corporate was completely torn - play other instruments disconsolate musician flatly refused. Oddly enough, the police, among which were fans accordionist, was able to quickly uncover the seemingly hopeless case. Doroguschy tool serving literally breadwinner of the family, destroyed the wife of the musician. Before the concert snuck into his dressing room and within minutes accordion broke apart. Criminal case filed over the destruction of another's property, had to hush up, and his wife immediately went to a psychologist.

- The wife of a musician natural way jealous of expensive accordion and decided to eliminate the "competitor" - says Vorobyev. - The reasons for such strong feelings were not in intimate relationships - think of yourself as you can change the accordion? But almost all the time spent musician in concerts and tours. His wife was broken simply boring. Take it with her husband refused, saying that for normal work he needs to focus, and the presence of a loved one will distract him.

From the story of Olga S.

"With the accursed accordion husband spent all the time. Keep it on your lap, touched fingers constantly appear with him in public, traveled across the country, and I was forced to stay at home in the four walls. So I boiled. I do not remember what happened to me found. I took a knife, made her way to the dressing room and Artem ... "

Family accordionist helped quite simple tips. Artem bought a new instrument, gave his wife to work, and besides, sometimes it began to take on tour, so she did not feel lonely and deprived.

Poor, poor Yorick ...

Very often violent jealousy and incredible scandals cause pets - cats and dogs. Especially small ones, "manual" rocks. About a large four-legged, usually cares whole family - a dog happily playing and goes for a walk with everyone, so that no one feels excluded. Same tiny dogs usually squeeze one owner.

From the story of St Petersburg Vladimir K.

"With Yorkshire Terrier wife did not leave for a minute. I personally have nothing against pets, but they must live in their own space on the floor and sleep in a special place. The wife is to keep the dog in her arms, even at a party, or at the dinner table, and even kissed him every five minutes. But this is simply unhygienic! Imagine, on the street, he sniffed and licked unknown on earth and in other dogs, then his wife and kissed his lips, and then the same lips and kissed me. That is, it turns out ... what an abomination! How to submit - vomiting spasms start. But the horror with Yorick - so called terrier - to create a bed ... "

According to Vladimir, wife taught doggie bed with them. Expel it did not work for a minute. Locked in the next room Terrier raised such a howl that the neighbors started knocking on batteries and a wall on all sides. More terrible happened. Vladimir suffered just as Napoleon Josephine in bed. In the worst possible moment a little dog bit his sensitive spot. "This pain I never felt in my life! - Shares his troubles Vladimir. - I like furious. He took a nasty cur by the collar, took to the kitchen, threw in the microwave and turned the knob all the way."

Help breeders psychologists have not been able, despite the fact that Vladimir bought my wife a new terrier - the same, Yorkshire. The lady was left with the dog, and Vladimir attended to search for a new passion "without children and animals"