Katy Perry was the woman power Super Bowl forty nine required.
Forget the reported feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Perry let the supposed slam from Swift's song "Bad Blood" (from her coming album) roll right off her attractive and gifted back and used her twelve minutes on America's biggest stage to have that issue.
The winning formula to make sure a spot in Super Bowl intermission history appears to be to try to to what you are doing best — deliver your hits and in an exceedingly huge method. thereto finish, Perry reminded US however she virtually skyrocketed onto our playlists and stayed there ever since “I Kissed a Girl” got our attention back in 2008.

katty parry

Enter tense Katy. She wasn't solely standing on an enormous robotic lion, she did it in stilettos whereas cloth out "Roar." The tiger reared, and Katy was just about singing whereas at a 90-degree angle. It really reminded me of once P!nk performed at the Grammys on a swing. Before we tend to even caught our breath, Lenny Kravitz took the stage and Lent a fair cooler issue to “I Kissed a lady."
The third entertainer thereon stage was Katy’s hair style. Not since I Dream of Jeannie contains a pony had that abundant 'tude.

Edgy Katy morphs into sandy Katy, and therefore the whole scene was love it came from Walter Elias Disney, solely way much better. it should have "Teenage Dream" time, however i do know of some in their 50s United Nations agency were sold-out hook, line and sinker. it had been time for one more genre shift and miss Elliott funked it up within the coolest of the way. woman power oozed from that stage.
Next up it had been Katy’s likelihood to soar and take the remainder people on for the ride. For "Firework," she merely stepped on a star and floated over the crowed. She gave US a slow and powerful version of the song that secure her a spot on the nation's Fourth of July play list for years to come back. As if that weren't enough, she gave US one thing else before she was done. "God bless America!" To be honest, I felt sort of blessed.

The choice of Katy Perry because the performing artist this year was a wise one on the a part of the NFL, in my opinion. whereas I imagine a number of my person peers across the country were possible grumbling concerning the great previous days (aka the Rolling Stones in 2006 or Aerosmith in 2001), the NFL is aware of that to stay the sport a minimum of as diverting because the commercials, it has to deliver the products to the generation and millennian viewers. So, with Lenny Kravitz within the combine therefore as to not whole detach seasoned Super Bowl fans, a thought was born.
What's additional, let's not forget that the NFL did not fare notably well in 2014 once it involves violence problems, therefore motivate the woman power of Katy Perry. She delivers the sort of decency that the independent agency does not have to be compelled to worry concerning (is any writing concerning the Super Bowl intermission show complete while not a relation to Janet Jackson's 2004 "Nipplegate"?), her dance moves do not cause you to desire you would like a shower subsequently and her lyrics ar nothing for folks to stress concerning. Roar on, sister. You delivered and so some.

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