It's hot out there! Here are a few ways to keep your pregnant body cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer.

Whether you're in your first, second or third trimester during the hot months of summer, you'll notice an extra sensitivity to the heat that might make you uncomfortable—and just plain cranky. While you can't avoid the outdoors entirely, especially if you have other kiddos who are eager to get to the pool, you can make the elements a bit more tolerable with some hot weather pregnancy tips.

Drink lots of water.

Yes, it'll make you run to the bathroom even more than you already do, but keeping hydrated is important in the summer, and even more so when you're hydrating for two. Good ol' fashioned water is best. But if you're not a water fan, try dressing it up with sliced fruit, like oranges, lemons or strawberries. You can also munch on foods that are high in water content, like watermelon, cucumbers and celery.

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