Ladies & girls are different. With their priorities in life, their hobbies and their ideas of beauty and comfort. Different girls fall in love with different men, choose different professions and different equip your home. And even the holy of holies of every girl - sleeping, not desecrated constant brutal male presence - at different girls too different. After all, the interior of the bedroom for a girl is able to tell a lot about the character, and even about the possibility and probability of the development of her future life. Because it is in the bedroom different girls finally shed the mask out of the role imposed on life and become real.

And so otvyaznoy bedroom rocker, for example, can hit you with its sentimental romantic style, while the interior bedroom nondescript office worker will understand that in the near future, it is at least, this office will be headed. Although most of the interior of the girl's bedroom corresponds exactly to its psycho, her character, lifestyle and way of thinking. So, what can be the girl's bedroom interior design? Consider the possibilities.

General design rules

Bedroom - a place of rest. And at the same time bedroom - it's a special private space where strangers almost not allowed. As a rule, the situation for girls bedroom consists of a bed (couch), wardrobe (wardrobe) and a dressing table. Additional elements of the interior bedrooms are dresser, ottoman or chair, bedside table. In addition, a bedroom modern girl can combine still and study. Then it is supplemented in writing (computer) or table area (spot) for needlework.

Of course, to have in the bedroom workplace is undesirable, but the reality of our desires is not considered. So try to plan a place as far away from the bed, and even better to isolate it through the rack or wall. If space allows, put in the bedroom large closet that will become if not full, but still replacing dressing room, which is lacking in many of the young lady.

On the window in the bedroom must be curtains or blinds that hide the internal space of the room from prying eyes. And in the bedroom have to be at least two sources of artificial light, large light and nightlight. And choose to design a bedroom can be different styles.

romantic bedroom

Note that romantic bedroom for girls - the established and well-proven style. Most (not absolute, of course not!) The girls will be delighted with the idea of romantic style, because most (perhaps absolute) of them have not lost the ability to dream. But the romantic style - it is nothing but a dream materialized form. So, a bedroom for a dreamer, decorated according to the canons of the romantic style of the interior.

Such a design involves the use of bright colors for interior textiles, furniture and walls. The most popular colors of the interior in a romantic style: lilac, peach, beige, light green, blue, pink. Classic theme colors - floral patterns. Openwork welcome in any manifestation, ranging from lace and textile finishing openwork furniture. Rounded and twisted forms - also an indispensable attribute of this interior: rounded headboard, oval mirror, twisted legs dressing table.

Design bedroom in a romantic style also means an abundance of textiles: bedspreads and blankets, decorative pillows, napkins, flowing curtains or even a canopy over the bed. Mandatory element - a lot of small details, such as figurines, vases, jewelry boxes. If you keep all of the above together, the romantic bedroom design for girls are:

pastel colors and fruit;
no sharp angles and straightness;
floral patterns;
lace and delicate furniture;
abundance of fabrics;
many small accessories.
The main theme of this style - elegance and modesty. So that the design does not have to be a chur luxurious or too modest: everything is good in moderation.

Style bedroom cottage

Cottage - Country-style option. By analogy with the fact that the village house, adapted to urban living conditions is called the cottage, urbanized country-style has the same name. Interior design in this style creates a sense of joie de vivre, lightness and practicality. Bedroom cottage-style heralded a major sustainable furniture, necessarily practical, and even better - a multifunctional. For example, the bed can be replaced with a comfortable sofa bed with drawer, performing the role of the chest, dresser or combine with dressing table.

Stylistic color scheme of the interior - a combination of white and concise juicy, but not too bright colors. White color becomes dominant, and any saturated - color accent. If the stand design in a similar color scheme, the room will light, but not boring, and it will provide a good mood and a sense of its inmates large space. Dark colors are not allowed - even the furniture should be light (but better - white). Welcome large patterns (curtains, bed linen and blankets), linen and cotton fabrics, applications, panels, and large accessories (baskets, boxes, eaves, lamps).

In general design style cottage is:

practical capacious white furniture;
white linens with bright pattern;
textiles in the art of patchwork;
linen and cotton curtains and bedspreads;
light walls and floor;
bright color accents.

Bedroom in glamorous style

The word glamor has now become almost a dirty word. However, glamorous style - it's not bad and tasteless. Translated into Russian glamor translated as charm, charisma, charm. And in our minds glamor associated with luxury and carefree way of life. So it is understandable craving young girls glamor to everything, and a similar design of the bedroom I'm sure many of them will have at heart.

Glamorous bedroom very feminine. Luxury tenderness - that's what first comes to mind when you see such a room. What creates this impression? First of all, it's bright color decoration, furniture and accessories with a combination of texture and relief. Therefore welcomes the glamorous design textured plaster or raised wallpaper on the walls, quilted bedspreads, duvets and soft furnishings.

Contribute to a sense of luxury tenderness silk, satin and fur (even artificial). Welcome combination of both of these invoices, for example, silk bedspreads and soft fluffy carpet on the floor or silk wallpaper and a fur blanket. Mandatory element of this style is a piece of furniture, distracting from the overall style, but elegant form and light color, or even made of glass. The item can be, for example, a dressing table.

Interior design in glamorous style allows for vibrant colors boudoir palette: crimson, burgundy, gray, dark beige. Only these colors should be dominant, and complements the overall light colors. Small accessories, as well as the usual trinkets are not welcome, but the colors (natural and artificial) in a bedroom should be a lot. So, glamorous style is:

contrast pastel color scheme and boudoir;
combination of smooth and fluffy texture;
individual pieces of furniture, is a common style;
quilted textiles;
natural or artificial flowers.

Bedroom in a philosophical style

If the young lady is extremely loaded on the robot or school, you should stay on the philosophical style to the bedroom, which is suitable and balanced nature. By philosophical style interior can be safely attributed minimalist style or Japanese style. The main condition of this design - lots of free space, soothing colors and natural materials advantage. Furniture for a bedroom is selected low, strong and comfortable, the decor is virtually nonexistent. Bedrooms decorated in a philosophical style, should be, above all, a place of recreation.

Therefore, such a design implies a soft light, concise (minimum) decor, soothing colors and natural materials for decoration (wood, bamboo, cork). Fabrics, naturally there will also be present (bedroom after all), but also natural: linen, wool, cotton. By the way, you can hang on the window and a Japanese silk curtains or opt for bamboo blinds. Harmoniously fit into this interior and live plants.