Life after a breakup in the Middle East

As a girl born and raised in the Middle East, I was brought up with an idea of what life would look like. After hundreds of hours spent on playing “bride and groom” and watching Cinderella over and over again, it was in the books that I’d grow up to get married and have kids. When, who, where, it didn’t matter; all that mattered was me in a white poufy gown and my very own “happily ever after”. Like there was no other option; like there was no such thing as breakups and divorces. As if life ended after commitment or marriage.

What is it with Middle Eastern culture and raising children to think that their happiness would only come from marriage? What happened to graduation, first jobs, promotions, new cars, and a new pair of Louboutins? Of course being married is a nice thing and all but is it the only “happy” you’ll ever experience? Is your wedding day the only “happy” day you’ll ever witness? What if my “happily ever after” hasn’t happened yet or turned into “happily never after”? Am I doomed for life now that I broke up? Should I just accept the fact that I’ll never be as happy as all the other girls around me just because I missed my “happily ever after”? C’mon Middle East, answer me!!! Should I just go jump off a bridge now or should I make my own happy ending instead?

In this life we live today we make our own happily ever afters; we celebrate and rejoice what we see fit and what makes us happy. Whether it’s a new marriage, a new break up, a new baby, a new pair of boots, or even a new cellphone, rejoice people for you have experienced happiness at its finest. You have pursued happiness and attained it, and that my friend is the closest you’ll get to your “happily ever after”.

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