How to lose weight in a week to 5 kg at home without hunger pangs? If there is a desire - and the results will be! And we'll show you the way to achieve your goal.

Nutrition and diet
Once an urgent need to lose five extra pounds in a week, nothing can be done - be patient, have to work hard. It will be easier to do the exercises if you are somewhat "unload" your body. We are talking about nutrient excesses and adore us, accompanying us for life, especially during the long winter evenings. In the morning, waking up, just ask yourself the right rhythm, schedule yourself goals. Drink some water, perhaps, apple juice, or water with apple cider vinegar (there is such a diet). Have breakfast, porridge is better, forces will be useful. Most likely because of the food in the morning is enough. During the day - lunch of vegetables and boiled meat in the evening - a very light dinner. All week hold on like this it will be extremely difficult, but if hunger prevail over you, fill an empty stomach only vegetables.

With this power you're not going to faint, do not stop to think and be able to do her figure. All that is needed, you will get three meals a day. Try not swallow anything between meals, it is very important, it is in such times the body uses its reserves.

physical exertion
The load is different: it can be aerobic and anaerobic. If you are more interested in how to lose 5 pounds in a week, you'll like aerobic exercise, as it instantly "drain", toxins and other unnecessary elements from the body. Anaerobic load are also good, but as a rule, they help to reduce the volume or "tighten" the muscles.

Of course it will not be bad if these two types of loads are combined with each other. So much easier to lose weight: running or jumping, then abdominal exercises or hands, jumping again, step and so on. D. This combination is used in the classroom for step aerobics. In general, when regular employment in fitness centers can be great to lose weight, but such activities are not enough to keep yourself in shape. The house is also not relax and, in addition to the pool, gym and aerobics visit, take the time your problem areas.

If the opportunity to engage in the fitness center or in the open air is not, you need to understand how to lose weight in a week to 5 kg at home exercises help. They performed at home and should be aimed at stretching the muscles work and increased sweating. And the tactic may be as follows: first, running in place and jumping, then warm up and stretching, jumping again (and you start a good sweat), strength training (continue to sweat), and in the end - aerobics (running, jumping, dancing, step aerobics ). The last five to ten minutes should be the most difficult for you, of course, if you have worked on glory.

Additional procedures
How to lose weight in a week to 5 kg in the home reviews women tell us. Many of them refer to the use of special tools, be it anti-cellulite pants, special oils and creams, massagers, body wraps. Here, all means are good. Any additional procedures in conjunction with diet and exercise good help achieve the desired result.

Many of the procedures recommended in the aerobics classes to enhance the result. For example, you can achieve the effect of the sauna, doing aerobics, applying the special foil wrapping. You can also apply anti-cellulite cream, wrap the hip and buttocks film and put on anti-cellulite pants. Typical load in such a "uniform" is very easy to lose 0.5-1 kg.

Do not forget about the procedures that accelerate blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and increases metabolism. This - massage, lymphatic drainage procedures, cedar barrel, reaboks, turpentine baths, cryosauna.