Researchers at Albright College in Pennsylvania found that men and women who communicate with someone attractive, subconsciously trying to copy the voice of this man. As a result, a woman's voice becomes a little more rough and hoarse, and men, on the other hand, higher and more enjoyable. To do this conclusion, researchers analyzed the voices recently fell in love with 24 people who make phone calls.

Many of us have noticed the example of his friends and acquaintances that as soon as they begin to talk with your loved one, their voice suddenly changed. This is particularly evident during phone conversations. When the volunteers were talking to someone who does not cause them romantic interest, they sounded the same, but once at the other end of the tube turned out to a loved one, a voice noticeably changed.

These changes were recorded by a group of 80 independent observers, who were given a listen to recorded conversations, and only the last part (sometimes only 2 seconds). But even in this case, the observers were able to tell exactly, whether the person was talking with some their friends, or with the object of his love.

"When you talk with your loved one's voice began to sound more pleasant and sexy - says study author Professor Susan Hughes. - Women talked more in a low voice, and the men higher. This intonation as it reflected their promise -" I am the one who is with you ". Our observers noted and nervousness in his voice. in the initial period of the relationship people are very afraid of being rejected. "

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