Today, knowledge of how to make soap handmade in the home, are not particularly significant, because in the shops you can buy soap for every taste and color. And save, making soap yourself unlikely. Its cost is obviously higher than the cost of factory samples. But you'll have a sample with you so characteristic manufactured soap flavor, color and properties.

Make soap handmade

All soap recipes at home includes such a component as a basis of soap. It can act brusochek child colorless soap, but you can buy the very foundation in specialized stores (bases are liquid, solid and transparent solid matte).

Consider stages, how to make soap handmade at home.

Afloat basis. Suffice responsible process. Its temperature should be between 55-65 degrees. In no case can overheat. Very good option - a water bath. The water temperature can be easily controlled with a thermometer, a soap will have the same temperature as the water. We wait until rasplavitsyavsya basis.
Shunt essences. Initially worth to mix them, because the essence can change the color of the basics in the most unexpected color. What will be the flavor depends on your preference. Flavour is added at the rate of 2% of the total substrate. If the foundations was 100g. means essences should be about 2g. Food flavorings has less saturated, so they can give more. Please note, that you are using as a fragrance essential oil, does not cause you allergies.
Now it was the turn of dyes. Food colors also can be used, but it is worth remembering that they fade over time. Dyes must gradually added so that one can always increase the saturation, and its excess can lead to the formation of colored foam, in the best case, to the undesired staining or bathrobe.
Use special additives. For example, to make a moisturizing soap add almond oil and mango butter can or other vegetable oil. Oil was added at the rate tablespoon per 500g base. If you give more oil soap may simply not harden, remaining soft and moist. Immediately add the cleaning component. It can be ground coffee, ground grass or something at your discretion.
The time has come pouring into molds. Prepare a spray bottle with vodka or alcohol. In a form you can use any box or kitchen molds, sand molds for children, etc. Pre molds smazhem liquid petrolatum or corn oil. If the surface of the air bubbles formed soap, spray process them. To besiege them enough time to click on it.
Once hardened soap is to remove it from the molds. When properly greased tins, no difficulty will not. If the soap does not want to leave the form, put them in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and then perch bottom forms a pot with hot water. This is our soap and ready.

Chocolate  soap handmade : the master class.

We need:

Soap base - 80g. (you can use baby soap);
Peach or other oils (suitable for your skin) - 1 teaspoon;
Vitamin A and vitamin E (oil solution) 3 drops;
Slice (square) chocolate (bitter);
Peppermint essential oil - 15 drops.
Cut the foundation should be laid on the water bath to melt it. So far, the foundation will melt sodium ceramic cup chocolate by adding 2-3 drops of milk. Removing the molten base, in its place put the chocolate, it is heated for about one minute. Until the chocolate melts in the melting base add peach oil drip vitamins and add peppermint oil, stir. It was the turn of melted chocolate. Knead until smooth. Pour into molds. Left at room temperature until cool. The dried extract of chocolate soap molds.

I think it's unlikely you'll find anything like your chocolate soap in stores.