So what’s it gonna be now?

Girl I’m tryna wake up in it

So don’t fall asleep now

Girl I’m tryna wake up in it

Fall asleep, fall asleep now

Girl I’m tryna wake up in it

Fall asleep, fall asleep now

Girl I’m tryna wake up in it

[French Montana]

All I do is get, get money

All I’m tryna do is get, get, get money

Tryna fall asleep, too much Henny and Patron

But can I hit it in the morning?

[Verse 1: Tyga]

I’m two Maybachs in it

You are looking at a meal ticket

Raw in the kitchen, make T-Raw for a livin’

She said I’m too good? That’s just how I’m livin’

Bitch can’t get her, flat rate, for a hook-up

Same price as a hooker

This could leave her limp, nookie, rock and roll the pussy

Geno Smith, I’m no rookie, don’t push me

Pusha, Mally, French that’s king shit

Rare that you see this, pyramids of Giza

Black Am Ex, no Visa, I rain on that bitch like sprinklers

Top back, it’s winner season

D. Rose in the Rolls Royce

I am these ho’s number one choice

I hit the club, bitches get moist

You hit the club: no noise

[Bridge: Sean Kingston]

Bet she want a dude like me

After the club, but you can’t go to sleep

Girl, I can see it in your eyes

I wanna wake up in it, baby let’s go

So no time for sleeping, yeah you know

[Verse 3: Mally Mall]

I hit it like it’s business

You can call your friend, be a witness

Murder that, no feelin’s

I go to sleep, and wake up in it

Get it if I want it

Roll up in it, two M’s on it

Push up on it, I put Pusha on it

Go to sleep in it, then I hit it in the morning

[Verse 4: Pusha T]

Can I hit it in the morning?

With two in the bed like B.I.G. had a warnin’

After the club, you know who she calling

Cause up in the club, you know he was balling

YUUGH, King Push on his king pin

King stunna, Last Kings, king them

(Crown), Rolex on every wrist

Crew full of money, drop checks on every bitch

Yeah, I’m tryna wake up with it

Soon as I roll over: wake up, hit it

Backs to the corner as I rake up digits

Time is money, you know you can’t make up minutes

So what’s it gonna be; I’m dropping or you dropping

My top or your top: two options

Don’t fall asleep

And miss the benefits of shot caller

King Push

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