Take a look at some celebrity plastic surgery transformation. Here you will find good, bad and ugly results of plastic surgery and their photos  before and after they went under the knife.


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Dolly Parton


She is not afraid to speak about her surgery. Unfortunately, she is an example of plastic surgery gone wrong. She had breast reduction and augmentation, face lifts, numerous breast lifts, lower and upper blepharoplasty, brow lift, fat grafting, lip fillers and chin implant. We will notice how much her appearance has changed, if we'll look at some of the photo before and after.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Janice Dickinson


She has been under the knife before many times, but her latest plastic surgery is something that we have ever seen before! The 59-year-old model went to reality show mainstay Dr. Terry Dubrow to fix her breasts, and also she said the her implants are about 30 years old! She said honest: “I live for plastic surgery.” And what do you think about Janice Dickinson before and after?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery



Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is a world sex symbol. Her image you could find on posters every teenage boy’s bedroom wall. From "Baywatch" to world renowned boobs, Pamela Anderson had several boob jobs over the years, dramatically augmenting her bust size.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery




Tara Reid


Tara Reid is known for her botched 2004 breast implant procedure and liposuction. Her breast scars, were not as disconcerting as her spoiled stomach: "I had body contouring, but it all went wrong," she said. As a result, she couldn't wear a bikini and lost a lot of work.

tara reid




Lindsay Lohan


After her roles in the movies  Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan became very popular. After, Lindsay had serious problems with alcohol and drugs abuse and she needed to go to rehabilitation. When rumors about her plastic surgery started, she was again in center of attention. Internet was full of Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery before and after videos and photos, and everyone really could notice the difference on her. Her lips are fuller now, but not in a natural way. Also looking on her face, you will see that her lips are plastic surgery intervention results. Facelift procedures changed her face, especially her cheeks. Her breasts are different, they're bigger then before. She doesn't look like that lovable girl anymore, she now looks much older than she actually is.

Lindsay Lohan




Kim Kardashian


When you speak about cosmetic surgery, Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities that immediately jumps to  mind. Everything from face surgery, a nose job, to breast implants to chemical peels, botox injections and even butt implants. But she denies that she’s had her nose fixed surgically. Also she insist that her butt is result of sport. And what do you think?