Another original idea to update the spring wardrobe - bright and unusual necklace of lightning with his hands!

Make it easy, furthermore, you can choose your colors and cute combinations and create really beautiful necklaces that harmoniously complement your spring outfits.

To make a necklace of lightning with his hands you will need:

1. Gold chain for decoration and as a basis for suspension.

2. Three black "lightning" with gold teeth.

3. 4 colorful "lightning."

4. Leather or imitation leather for the base.

5. Scissors.

6. Glue.

7. Lighter.

8. cutters.

9. The connecting ring.



1. Cut out the pattern of the desired size and shape. Apply it to the skin or imitation leather and cut the workpiece.


2. Now prepare black "lightning": cut the ends (keep a separate "tab") and remove excess tissue at the edges.


3. Use a lighter edge anneal "lightning", then spread the "lightning", pulling the edges apart.


4. Repeat with the bright "Lightning" (their "tongues" do not need to save).


5. These are the bright billets should you get.


6. Place 2 "tab" on the edges of the leather piece. Fix pliers.Zipper-9-End

7. Fluff leather blank adhesive and stick "Lightning", then the next, then - a chain, and then the "lightning". Remove excess chain nose pliers


8. Remove any excess "lightning" and a chain with a decrease of the workpiece.


9. Here is a blank should you get. It's almost done!


10. Cut along the length of the desired piece of chain links and attach it to the "tongue", if the links are too small, use the connecting ring.


Get Stylish, elegant and unusual necklace of lightning with his hands!


A real godsend for those who appreciate original accessories and loves to attract attention. This necklace is suitable and shirt or T-shirt, blouse and lax, and even summer dress.



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