Native son Rocco, Madonna helps his mother to work on a "secret project". He takes a few strange dance in Balaklava.
13-year-old took to the stage at the Gagosian Gallery of Art in New York, where the debut of the mysterious new project of his mother.
While the Queen of Pop was kneeling, singing a new song, there was a teenager, dressed all in black. His face concealed sinister black hat, which all used to seeing on their faces or bandits, or special forces, in short all those who for whatever reason do not want to reveal his identity.

However, after the music stopped, Rocco was exposed to the stellar audience, including journalists noticed Lindsay Lohan, Anderson Cooper, Donna Karan and the star of Star Trek, actor Zachary Quinto.

Father Rocco, the famous British film director Guy Ritchie, missed the premiere presentation, which was attended by his son, because at this time he noted the debut film of the same Madonna, directed by Steven Klein.

But another ex-husband of Madonna, actor Sean Penn, was intrigued enough to attend the presentation of the Madge.

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