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In the world is gaining popularity a new kind of diet, which is called the French diet or diet Le Forking. In a nutshell, it boils down to the principle of "you can eat only what you can hook on a fork."
Le Forking Diet author is Ivan Gavrilov. New diet does not exclude from the menu of many high-calorie foods, and does not imply a decrease in serving. Le Forking secret is that while eating you will have to use only one cutlery, namely - a fork.
It is no secret that the most elegant women in the world is French. On the streets of Paris, most of the women are slender, and if there are full of women, it is likely they will be a tourist from the UK and the US. For example, the icon of French Vanessa Paradis or Carla Bruni're not born into the world with the magic "genome harmony." Their appearance, which is shown in the photos, this is the result of their control over their diet.
So what in general is the French diet (Le Forking) or "dinner fork". In this diet there is no requirement to calculate the calories eaten. The requirement for one thing - you can eat only what you can pick up a fork. But, if you look at it deeper, it will be the most significant caloric restriction.
In the diet Le Forking assumed three meals a day. There are two versions of the diet.
The first - the strict: you can not eat anything that has been prepared with a knife or fork at dinner. Permitted food: pasta, beans, whole grain bread, fish and most vegetables.
Second - soft: You can add a salad, white meat, cut into small pieces, seafood, hard-boiled eggs or an omelet.
For dinner, in both cases the diet can not eat.
Completely excluded: pizza, soup, hot dogs, peanuts, cashews, almonds, hummus, boiled eggs, avocados, cold meats.
You can not have a snack of sandwiches, burgers, chips, steaks, grilled and stewed meat, liver.
Do not eat sweets: fresh and dried fruit, yogurt, pastries, chocolate, sweet dessert, fruit salad, jelly, ice cream, cereals, pastries, pancakes and waffles.
In addition you can not eat bread, sauces, butter or margarine, cheese, mustard or ketchup.

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