Hey stranger,

It’s been a while; I’ve been busy with Ramadan and all the family gatherings. A lot of people have asked about you, referring to you as  "The One" so I gave them the answer that I thought you’d want me to give them, he’ll be here next Ramadan hopefully. Fasting hasn’t been very tough gladly, I realized that God makes it easier for those who want to please him, and I for one am on a mission to be a good girl this Ramadan.

This time I don't intend on putting down a list of “rules” or tips, this time I’ll just speak my mind out to you. I'm a good person, I usually mean well, and even when I mess up I do it out of complete naivety/ stupidity.

Notes to my future husband: Happy Ramadan

So I was wondering, are you a good person too? Are you going to help me figure out life? Are you going to let me be my complete self without any restraints? I was thinking about how I would like “Us” to be like then I realized that being our complete selves would actually help us grow into our full potential.

I also thought that I don't want to change you either, that I'm willing to accept you as you are, and that jealousy would never be an issue if you earn the trust I’ll have in you.

I like to think I'm adorable (not conceited, but I just love myself), so does that mean you’ll treat me as a little kid? I want to be treated as a little girl with piggy tails and an adorable laugh. I want to be pampered, spoiled, and taken care of. I’m not a selfish person; I expect stuff like that from you because I'm willing to do the same for you.

I know relationships are hard, I know it’s not easy to say sorry, I know it’s not easy to be someone worthy of love and trust, and I know that I'm not perfect and that I will make mistakes (again out of naivety/stupidity) but we all make mistakes just to learn how to be better people.

I'm currently working on myself; I'm changing stuff that I personally don't like about me to make things easier for us in the future.

As I sit here and write you this, Al Fajr prayer has just started so i'll go now and pray to God to lead me to the right path. I hope you’re doing the same.

Goodnight Stranger,
Your Future Wife!

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