One leg workouts

We are multi-tasking mavens: we email while walking on the treadmill, text message while watching TV, and talk on the phone while, well, doing just about everything. Yet often at the gym we work just one muscle (or muscle group) at a time. How inefficient of us! Luckily, we can multi-task our fitness routines too and no, we don’t need any new fancy equipment. The trick: just stand on one leg.

Whether you’re looking to increase the intensity of your bicep curls or just looking to minimize the time spent at the gym, by balancing on one leg rather than two you narrow your support base, reduce your stability, and force your core to work to maintain balance. You naturally engage your abdominal and back muscles in order to prevent yourself from falling. So instead of strength training your upper body and then hitting the mats for your core crushing crunches, you can chisel your core and get gorgeous guns all at the same time. Just remember to switch your standing leg between sets.

For an even more advanced version, use a wobble board or inflatable disk to make balancing even more challenging.


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