Everything changes: time, seasons and even fashion tendencies. Summer is always hot and very bright. It’s a season when fashionistas try new trends to look wonderful and be stylish. If last season you pulled off berry or red lipsticks, in the end of spring and in summer try incredible orange lipstick. Citrus shades are full of fresh juicy feelings, they are so cute. Such a lipstick can make you look gorgeous and outstanding. Also it can diminish not perfect complexion.

Mac orange lipstick

We want to offer you some tips and tricks how to choose and to wear citrus lipsticks for your charming look.

Basic tips

The orange lipstick is very bright, so when you want to apply it, avoid liners of the same shades to avoid high and rude contrast with the shade of your skin. Better look for nude tones for lip pencils. Your eye makeup should be minimal – just a little eyeliner and mascara. The eye brows should be shaped perfectly. Orange lipstick can be a perfect accent of the entire look.

How to choose the perfect citrus shade

To look beautiful wearing orange lipstick you should know some tips. First of all, examine your face thoroughly, consider your face shade. If you have fair complexion, look for light tones of the lipstick. If there are some olive tones in your face shade, look for more intensive colours. For the women, who have dark skin, the best choice is a dark orange lipstick. It will suit perfect.

Conceal the redness and other drawbacks of your skin

You should know that orange lipsticks are warm-toned and they can make all the drawbacks of your skin very noticeable, especially the redness. So, to make a perfect look, hide them with the help of foundation. Use a sponge to make the skin beautiful. Or you may use your favourite powder in a yellow tone; it can also conceal the redness.

Flaws can become visible

Orange lipstick can make flaws on dry lips very visible. So look after your lips every day. We offer you to make a wonderful natural scrub for your lips. Blend a little sugar (1/4 teaspoon) with a lip balm. Mix it thoroughly and apply to your lips.Hydrate your lips, make a little massage to them with a small cleansing brush and only after that apply orange lipstick.

Orange colour is very intensive

Orange is a saturated shade. It’s very bright and intensive. Sometimes it doesn’t look very beautiful. So we want to offer you to use a little light powder after having applied the orange lipstick. It will become less bright and saturated and you will look stylish and trendy.

Orange tones are very popular now. If you want to look bright you should try these shades. Don’t forget about the appropriate outfit and accessories.

Applying orange lipstick

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