The history of the many pieces of clothing is very curious especially Overalls and Jackets. However, most are known only to certain facts, such as the story of a French general Gaston Galliffet or Scottish architect Charles McIntosh, who are the authors of similar garments. Do you know how to come up with perhaps the most popular winter clothes the XXI century - down jacket? Who is the author jumpsuit - the most comfortable clothes and walking to work?
How to come up with a down jacket three times

The first mention of warm clothes, made on the basis of fluff, refers to the XV century. Then, from the Asian and Eastern countries on Russian fairs brought new winter clothes, but she did not get popularity - coats and fur coats for many centuries were the main warm clothing in Russia.

The next mention of clothes from down there later age. Then the Norwegian king, realizing the highest quality eiderdown, created reserves, which have become breeding eiders for fluff. Important - do not disturb the birds, and collected lint from the nests when eider eggs left pending. Workers "confiscated" from the nests no more than half down, filling the "loss" of hay.

A New History of feather in the second half of the last century. Then the scientists was given a difficult task - to come up with the clothes of the future. Winter dress should be beautiful and functional: warm, lightweight, comfortable. First began to wear down jackets are not mods and loggers and explorers. Soon clothes from down penetrated the broader market: the designers decided that light, beautiful and functional outfit will be popular. And it has paid off - today, down jackets are all from small to large.

Jackets ODRI - almost perfection

For years, down jackets were considered inexpensive casual clothes. Only in recent years, luxury brands have started to make products based on fluff. There were also specialized brands that generate only down jackets. Good jackets and coats are in the collections of Elizabeth Franchi and Moncler, considerable popular winter sports clothing brands such as Columbia.

Today, however, intercepted the leadership brand ODRI. The main story, which is supported by the manufacturer - not just a fashionable and comfortable outfit: a par with these criteria should femininity. If a girl puts on winter clothes, she should not lose attractiveness. Past collections ODRI proved that feather coat can be elegant and catalog for the coming season 2014-15 - is the embodiment of style lady.

Very thin and light jackets allow emphasize slender figure. The fitted silhouette and full skirt are all, without exception, and the abundance of colors makes it possible to find the perfect shade that will come to hair color and skin tone. Important - development quilted coat on a par with the designers involved scientists. As a result, thin and light jackets retain heat even in extreme cold.

As actors dressed the whole world

Coverall - comfortable clothing for any activity. It can walk, dance, work on a suburban area - the list is endless. However, this garment does not come up with builders and installers, and the actors. It is European roving performers wore costumes merged. Why the choice fell on the creative mind of such an unusual cut of the clothes?

Firstly, it is incredibly convenient - nothing does not restrict movement.

Secondly, it attracts attention, as may be made from any fabric decorated and a variety of accessories. Soon became the main overalls work clothes: miners, pilots and athletes appreciated the comfort of the garment.
Overalls long appeared in wardrobes ordinary citizens, only children's collections enjoyed significant popularity. The thing is that after the war all want to look stylish and expensive: jackets, vests, dresses. The sudden intrusion of overalls on fashion catwalks happened in the early '80s with the advent of disco. The second coming of overalls occurred in 2000 thanks to Alexander McQueen, who offered to sew them from light summer fabrics.

Today you can buy in stores Fused outfits for all seasons and weather: denim, linen, silk and quilted winter models.

Now that you know about the history of costume a little more. Is not it true fashion - a very fascinating topic?