Many of us have probably often heard of such a thing as Parachuting or Parachute jump. But in our view, parachutes - this is something distant, terrifying and uncontrollable, what can deal only experienced instructor or security services. And it is fundamentally wrong on all counts! In fact, go skydiving can almost anyone who has the required adequate health, money and several hours of instruction behind.
First jump.
If 10 people were asked if they would like a parachute jump, 8 of them replied with a twinkle in his eye - of course, yes! But there is little detail - and the gleam in his eyes, and confidence only lasts as long as the jump - it is something abstract that will happen very soon. But when you're in a dream are instructed, you hang parachute button in the strange webbing and pushing to the opening maize, shouting - jump! - Many give up. Of course, everyone has different psychology, and if one needs just a couple of hours, then the distance between the other "everything I jump, I jump .." and between "Aaaaeeeeeaaa, I jumped !!" stretched on for months.
How to get rid of fear?
There are several ways how you can easily and without damage to their mental health to get rid of the fear of the jump:
The first - a conversation with an experienced instructor. Often we can not clearly answer why are we so afraid to take this step, and the conversation you may find that someone is afraid that his vomit, or, horror of horrors! - Parachute did not unfold. The instructor will explain you all the details and answer all your questions. Indeed, some newcomers becomes not good, but it often does not take place during the flight, and shortly before it, such as when typesetting altitude aircraft. A second fear is unfounded and does - will open the parachute is mandatory if you do it right. But if you are afraid to forget something at the briefing, and you just want to enjoy the flight, then there are other ways.
Second - it is a jump in tandem with an instructor, ideal for the beginner. Here, you'll need a minimum instruction and the same minimum movements - for you do everything the instructor! You will be left just to enjoy high, weightlessness of his body and an endless flight ... which lasts about 45 seconds.
The third - a pre-treatment on a special simulator, where you can learn to control his own body in a state of flight. Such simulators are very important for beginners, do not neglect them. Several training sessions to help you get a better feel your body and not get lost in the moment when you finally jump.
Ideal for beginners.
Actually kinds of sports, there are many, but we will look at the one that is most often offered to beginners - a leap without delay deployment of the parachute, with a round dome and forced disclosure. What is its essence?
This kind of jump is at about the height of 700-1000 meters and is completely safe for beginners, because it included a parachute is so-called the reserve, which automatically opens at a certain height, if you have not been able to do it themselves. Flight lightly managed and lasts about 10 seconds, no more. In front of the jump you'll have to go through a doctor, get 2-4 hours of instruction and voila - you'll find yourself in front of the opening maize. And if you want to get a lot of drive and emotion, if you remember the feeling of weightlessness your body and look in the eyes of the hero of his friends, then leave all your doubts on the ground - and take this step to freedom!