All Parenting workshops are conferred using our signature style that features demonstrations to indicate parents the dos and don'ts of parenting, further as effective tools and techniques in action.
Every workshop incorporates our distinctive “Principles for aware Parenting” that may guide you in any parenting challenge. Workshops facilitate parents deepen their affiliation to their youngsters and foster self-love, responsibility, resiliency and vanity. you're certain to leave our workshops with new tools that you simply will begin using forthwith. every workshop is:

Designed for parents/caregivers of toddlers to teens. we'll tailor the presentation for the particular audience.
90 minutes or length will be bespoke to satisfy your wants.
Available for teams at faculties, community events, child care centers, churches, synagogues, playgroups or anyplace parents and caregivers gather.

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Workshops will even be drained your home. Gather friends and family for a "parenting party"
Connected Parenting
Using anecdotes, humor, and sample dialogue, the audience are going to be introduced to the Connected Parenting model. each theory and observe are going to be explained piecemeal. Participants can leave impressed with sensible and helpful ways to undertake as before long as they get home.

The introductory course will be control over one or 2 evenings. The Connected Parenting series will be adapted for each parents and academics.

Being the parent of “that child”

Do you notice the faultfinding glances from alternative parents once you drop your kid off in school or birthday parties? are you able to sense the teacher is annoyed and bored stiff together with your kid? does one hold your breath as you approach the playground crossing your fingers hoping that your kid behaves? it's grievous once you know your child is troubled. you recognize that he will be smitten, sensitive and well which means however others don’t continuously see this aspect of him. she will be able to be vexing and frustrating reception every now and then however seeing her thus misunderstood is difficult in contact.
This workshop can assist you to find out powerful ways that may facilitate your kid learn to be a part of the team reception, in school and come in the community. By serving to your kid to grasp the context of their behaviour they're going to learn higher header ways and build success and resilience.
Parenting Teens
Saying ‘No’ once the globe says ‘Yes’

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With heat and humour, this workshop can explore the fragile bond between teens and their parents. mistreatment several of the abilities therapists use in their work with shoppers, parents can learn to balance fellow feeling with limit setting to strengthen and deepen their relationships with their teens. Connected Parenting can supply folks effective ways to avoid power struggles, facilitate their children create safe selections and instill in their children the arrogance and resilience to mention ‘No’ to their peers.
Parenting with brains
Parenting ways that facilitate your child’s brain functioning

Developmental experiences have a profound impact on however a mature brain functions. The additional pleasant experiences a child’s brain has, the additional the brain specializes for positive emotion-meaning that later in life he or she might cope higher with stress, become additional resilient, and be additional positive generally. this implies that parents have the power to have an effect on their child’s brain perform.
As a parent, you wish to try to to everything doable to offer your kid the tools for a productive life. however what if a couple of little changes in however you act together with your kid might really impact their brain function?

It is not enough simply to like them, finance in your relationship together with your kid can have an impact on their future success and happiness.

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