New Year - a truly international festival, but in different countries it is celebrated in different ways. Italians thrown from the windows of the old irons and chairs from all over southern passion, the people of Panama are trying to make a noise as loud as possible, which include the sirens of their machines, whistling and shouting. On Ecuador attach special importance to underwear, which brings love and money in Bulgaria turning off the lights, because the first minutes of the New Year - a time of Christmas kisses. In Japan, instead of 12 108 strikes the bell sounds, and the best New Year's accessories are considered rake - to rake happiness.


Italy. In the New Year of the windows fly irons and old chairs


In Italy, the new year begins the sixth of January. Legend has it that night on a magic broom Befana flies a fairy godmother. She opens the door a little golden key, and went into the room where the children sleep, fills stockings with gifts for children, especially hanging from the fireplace. The one who went bad or naughty, Befana leaves a pinch of ash or coal.

Italian Santa Claus - Babbo Natale. In Italy, it is believed that the New Year should start, get rid of all the old. Therefore, in the New Year's Eve decided to throw out the windows of the old stuff. Italians enjoy this custom, and they play it your passion inherent southerners: fly through the window old irons, chairs and other stuff. According to the signs, the space is sure to take new things.

On New Year's table Italians are always present nuts, lentils and grapes - symbols of longevity, health and prosperity.

In the Italian province has long been the custom there: January 1 early in the morning back home need to bring water from the spring. "Fifthly, if you have nothing to give to friends - say the Italians - Give water with an olive twig." It is believed that water brings happiness.

Italians also important to someone they first met in the new year. If January 1 the first counter, which will see the Italian monk or priest will - it's bad. It is undesirable to also meet with a small child, and meet humpback grandfather - it fortunately.

Ecuador. Lingerie red - love, yellow - for money

In Ecuador, at midnight dolls will be burned under the so-called "weeping widows" who mourn their "bad men". As a rule, "widows" depict men dressed in women's clothes, makeup and wigs.

For those who want to travel the whole year, the tradition prescribes: as long as the clock strikes 12 times, running around with a suitcase or a large bag in his hand around the house.

Do you want to get rich strongly in the coming year or gain a lot of love? The money in the new year "fell out of the blue", you must, as soon as the clock strikes 12, wear underwear yellow shades.

If you need no money, and happiness in your personal life, the underwear should be red.

The best way to get rid of all the sad things that happened in the past year, Ecuadorians see to throw into the street with a glass of water, which will break all the bad bits.

Sweden. New year - the Festival of Lights

In Sweden, before the New Year the children choose the queen of the world Lucia. She dressed up in a white dress, wearing a crown on his head with lighted candles. Lucia brings gifts to children and goodies Pet cat - cream, dog - sugar bone, donkey - carrots. In a festive night in the houses is not extinguished light, brightly lit streets.

South Africa. Police close quarters to traffic - from the windows fly refrigerators


In the industrial capital of the state - Johannesburg - Residents of neighborhoods traditionally celebrate the New Year by throwing out their windows different items - from bottles to large pieces of furniture.

South African police have closed the quarter Hilbrou to traffic and appealed to residents in the area asking them not to throw refrigerators from the windows of New Year's Eve. According to a police spokesman, in connection with existing tradition this quarter is considered the most dangerous in the city.

"We have distributed thousands of leaflets asking them not to throw out the windows of items such as refrigerators and not to shoot into the air from a firearm," - said the representative of the South African Police Kraybn Ned.

New Year's Eve this quarter will patrol about 100 police officers.


England. To be together for a year, the lovers must kiss

In England, taken on New Year's performances for children to play on the themes of old English fairy tales. Lord Confusion leads the gay pageant, which is attended by fairy-tale characters: Hobby Horse, March Hare, Humpty Dumpty, Punch and others. All New Year's Eve street vendors selling toys, whistles, Tweeters, masks, balloons.

It originated in England custom of exchanging New Year greeting card. The first Christmas card was printed in London in 1843.

Before going to bed the children put on the table a plate for gifts that they bring Santa Claus to put the hay in the shoes - a feast for the donkey.

About the new year heralds the bell. True to call it starts a little before midnight and makes it "whisper" - a blanket, which he wrapped prevents him demonstrate the power. But exactly at twelve bells stripped, and they begin to call loudly in honor of the New Year.

At the moment the lovers not to leave next year, should kiss under the mistletoe branch, is considered a magical tree.

In English homes for New Year's table is served with turkey kashatnami and fried potatoes with sauce and braised Brussels sprouts with meat pies, followed by pudding, sweets and fruits.

In the British Isles has widespread custom of "admission of the New Year" - a symbolic milestone of the transition from a past life to the new. When the clock strikes 12, opened the back door of the house to release the old year, and with the last kick of hours open front door, letting in the New Year.

Scotland. You need to burn a barrel of tar and rolled it down the street

In Scotland, the celebration of the New Year is called "Hogmanay". On the streets of holiday is celebrated Scottish song to the words of Robert Burns. According to the custom on New Year's Eve fire to barrels of tar and rolled through the streets, burning, thus inviting the old year and new.

Scots believe that from someone who enters first in their home in the new year depends on success or failure in the family for the whole year. More luck, in their view, brings dark-haired man who brings gifts to the house. This tradition is called "Furst futing."

On New Year's special prepared traditional dishes: breakfast is usually served oatcakes, pudding, a special kind of cheese - Kebbi, for lunch - cooked goose or steak pie or apple dumplings.

Guests should certainly bring a piece of coal to throw at Christmas fireplace. Exactly at midnight swing open wide the doors to let the old and let the New Year.

Ireland. In honor puddings

Irish Christmas - it is more a religious holiday than just entertainment. Lighted candles pose near a window on the night before Christmas, to help Joseph and Mary, if they are looking for shelter.

Irish women bake special treat seed cake for each family member. They also make three pudding - one at Christmas and one for New Year and the third - on the eve of Epiphany.

Columbia. Old year walks on stilts

The protagonist of the New Year carnival in Colombia - Old year. He walks into the crowd on high stilts and tells funny stories to children. Pope Pasquale - Colombian Santa Claus. No one better than he is able to arrange fireworks.

New Year's Eve on the streets of Bogota parade puppets: dozens of puppet clowns, witches and other fantastic characters attached to the roof of the car, passing through the streets of Candelaria - the oldest district of the Colombian capital, saying goodbye to the city's residents.

Vietnam. New Year arrives on the back of carp


New Year, Spring Festival, Tet - all these names the most cheerful Vietnamese holiday. Burgeoning branch of peach - a symbol of New Year - should be in every home.

Children look forward to midnight, when you can start firing small homemade crackers.

In Vietnam, the New Year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, between January 21 and 19 February, when here comes early spring. At the banquet table - bouquets of flowers. New Year's Eve decided to give each other a peach tree branches with swollen kidneys. At dusk Vietnamese bonfires in parks, gardens or on the streets, the fires are going to a few families. On the coals prepared special treats from rice.

On this night, all quarrels are forgotten, forgiven all the insults. The Vietnamese believe that each house lives a god, and the god of the New Year goes to heaven, there to tell you how spent passing year, each member of the family.

Once the Vietnamese believed that God floats on the back of carp. In our time, the Vietnamese New Year sometimes buy a live carp, and then release it into the river or pond. They also believe that the first man to enter into their home in the new year will bring success or failure in the coming year.

Nepal. New Year was celebrated at sunrise


In Nepal, the New Year was celebrated at sunrise. At night, when the full moon, the Nepalese lit huge bonfires and thrown into the fire unnecessary things. The day starts festival of colors. People paint the currently face, arms, chest unusual pattern, and then dance and sing on the streets.

France. The main thing - to embrace a barrel of wine and congratulate her on a holiday

French Santa Claus - Pere Noel - comes to New Year's Eve and leaves presents in children's shoes. Anyone who goes to Bob, baked Christmas cake, gets the title of "Bean King" and a festive night all obey his orders.

Santon - wooden or clay figures, which put near a Christmas tree. According to tradition, a good owner-winemaker certainly must clink glasses with a barrel of wine, to congratulate her on the holiday and drink for the next harvest.

Finland. The birthplace of Santa Claus


In Finland, the main snowy winter holiday is Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25th. On Christmas night, breaking a long way from Lapland, home comes Santa Claus, leaving the delight of children to have a large basket with gifts.

New Year - a kind of repetition of Christmas. Once again the whole family gathers at the bursting from a variety of dishes table. New Year's Eve Finns are trying to find their future and wondering, melting the wax and then pouring it into cold water.

Germany. Santa Claus is coming to the Germans on a donkey

In Germany, believe that Santa Claus appears in the New Year on a donkey. Before going to bed the children put on the table a plate for gifts that they bring Santa Claus to put the hay in the shoes - a feast for his donkey.

Cuba. Water poured from the windows


Children's New Year's celebration in Cuba called the Day of the Kings. Sorcerer-king, bringing gifts to children, called Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchor. On the eve of the children write letters to them in which to talk about their cherished desires.

Cubans on the eve of New Year filled with water all the dishes, which is in the house, and at midnight begin to pour it out of the windows. So all the inhabitants of the Island of Freedom wish the new year, bright and pure as water ways. In the meantime, the clock strikes 12 hits, you need to eat 12 vinogradinok, and then good agreement, prosperity and peace will accompany you every twelve months.

Panama. The loudest New Year


In Panama, at midnight, when the New Year has just begun, ringing all the bells, sirens howl, hoot cars. Panamanians themselves - children and adults - at that time a loud scream and knock everything that comes under their arms. And all this noise in order to "appease" the year that is coming.

Hungary. New Year's need to whistle

In Hungary, in the "fateful" first second of the New Year prefer to whistle - and using no fingers, children's pipes, horns, whistles.

It is believed that they are distilled from the home of evil spirits and encourage joy, well-being. In preparation for the holiday, the Hungarians do not forget about the magical power of Christmas dishes: beans and grogh retain strength of mind and body, apples - beauty and love, nuts can protect from harm, garlic - from disease, and honey - sweeten life.

Burma. Brings luck tug of war


In Burma, the New Year is between 12 and 17 April. About the exact day of celebration informs the Ministry of Culture special order, and the holiday lasts for three days.

According to ancient beliefs, the rain gods live in the stars. Sometimes they gather at the edge of the sky to play with each other. And then the rain on the earth, which promises a rich harvest.

To get the favor of the stellar spirits Burmese invented competition - a tug of war. They are attended by men of the two villages, and in the city - two streets. And women and children applaud and shout, urging the lazy spirits rain.

Israel. Need to eat sugary foods and refrain from bitter


New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is celebrated in Israel during the first two days of the month of Tishri (September). Rosh Hashanah - the anniversary of the creation of the world and the beginning of the reign of God.

Praznik New Year - a day of prayer. According to custom, on the eve eat special food: apples with honey, pomegranate, fish as a symbolic expression of hope for the coming year. Each meal is accompanied by a short prayer. Basically, there are accepted sweet foods, and to refrain from bitter. On the first day of the new year decided to go to the water and say a prayer Tashlikh.

India. New Year - the festival of lights


In different parts of India, New Year is celebrated at different times of the year. In the early summer - holiday Laurie. Children gather in advance at the house dry twigs, straw, old things. Evening kindle large bonfires, around which dance and sing.

And when autumn comes, celebrate Diwali - the festival of lights. On rooftops, on window sills are arranged thousands of lamps and light them in the festive night. Girls let the water small boats, which are lit lights.

Japan. The best gift - a rake to rake happiness


Japanese children celebrate the New Year in new clothes. It is believed that it brings health and good luck in the New Year. On New Year's night, they hide under the pillow a picture of a sailboat on which float seven fabulous magicians - seven patrons happy.

Ice palaces and castles, huge snow sculptures of fantastic heroes decorate a New Year's northern Japanese city.

108 beats bells herald the arrival of the New Year in Japan. According to ancient legend, each ringing "kills" one of the human vices. They are, according to the Japanese, only six (greed, anger, stupidity, carelessness, indecision, envy). But each of vices have 18 different shades - that's on them and calling Japanese bell.

In the first seconds of the New Year should be a laugh - it should bring good luck. And that happiness has come into the house, the Japanese decorate it, or rather the front door, bamboo and pine branches - symbols of longevity and loyalty. Pine symbolizes longevity, bamboo - loyalty, and plum - joyous.

Food on the table - also symbolic: long pasta - a sign of longevity, rice - prosperity, carp - force, beans - health. In each family prepare New Year's meal mochi - balls, cakes, bread made from rice flour.

In the morning, when the New Year comes into its own, the Japanese go out of their houses on the street - to meet the sunrise. With the first rays, they congratulate each other and give gifts.

The houses put twigs decorated with balls of mochi - New Year tree motibana.

Japanese Santa Claus name Segatsu-san - Mr. New Year. Favorite Christmas entertainment girls - playing shuttlecock, and the boys in the days of the traditional festival launch a kite.

The most popular Christmas accessory - rake. Every Japanese person thinks that they should have to the New Year was raking than happiness. Bamboo rakes - Kumada - make size from 10 cm to 1.5 m and decorate them with a variety of drawings and talismans.

To appease the deity of the year that brings happiness to the family, the Japanese built a small house in front of the exit gate of the three bamboo sticks, which are tied pine branches. Wealthier people buy a dwarf pine, bamboo sprout and small tree plum or peach.

Labrador. store turnips


In Labrador store turnips from the summer harvest. Its hollow inside, place lighted candles there and give children. In the province of Nova Scotia, which is based Highlanders, funny songs, transported from Britain two centuries ago, sing every Christmas morning.

Czech Republic and Slovakia. Santa Claus in sheepskin hat

Cheerful man wearing a shaggy coat, high sheepskin cap with duct behind, comes to Czech and Slovak children. His name Mikulas. For those who are a good student, he will always be gifts

Netherlands. Santa Claus arrives by boat

In Holland, Santa Claus arrives by boat. Children joyfully greet him at the pier. Santa Claus loves funny jokes and surprises and often gives children marzipan fruits, toys, lollipops flowers

Afghanistan. New Year - the beginning of agricultural work

Nowruz - the Afghan New Year - falls on March 21. This is the start of agricultural works. Village elder holds in the first furrow. On the same day reveal fun fairs, where are the jugglers, tightrope walkers, musicians.


China. Oblitsya need water until you congratulate

China has kept the tradition of bathing the Buddha Christmas. On this day all the Buddha statues in temples and monasteries respectfully washed in clean water from mountain springs. And do people pour water at a time when others are pronounced against them Christmas wishes for happiness. Therefore, on this day they all go through the streets in soaking wet clothes.

Based on the ancient Chinese calendar, the Chinese part of the 48 century. According to him, this country enters the 4702 year. To the Gregorian calendar, China moved only in 1912. Date of the Chinese New Year every time varies in the range of 21 January until 20 February.

Iran. All fired from rifles

In Iran, the New Year was celebrated on March 22 at midnight. At this moment the thundering shots from guns. All adults are holding silver coins as a sign bezotluchno stay in their places during the coming year. On the first day of the New Year, according to custom, made to break into the house of an old pottery and replace it with a new one.

Bulgaria. Three minutes of New Year's kisses

In Bulgaria, the guests, relatives gather on New Year's Eve at the holiday table, and all the houses in the three minutes the lights go out. A time when guests are in the dark moments of New Year is called kisses, which will keep the secret darkness.

Greece. Guests are stones - big and small

In Greece, the guests breathtaking with a large stone, which throws in the doorway, saying the words: "Let the wealth of the owner will be heavy as this stone." And if you did not get a big rock, throw a small stone with the words: "Let the thorn in the eye of the owner will be as small as this stone."


New Year - is the day of St. Basil, who was known for his kindness. Greek children leave their shoes by the fireplace in the hope that Saint Basil will fill the shoes gifts.

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