Wouldn’t you love beautiful, shiny hair all the time? When you colour your hair, the colour will be rich and deep. However, over time that fades. If you don’t look after your hair, it will look bland, boring and dull. The good news is that protecting your coloured hair is really easy and here are some steps to help.

Invest In The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

There are all sorts of products for washing hair. Some are for natural colours, some for greasy hair and others for coloured hair.

When you look at the coloured hair range, you’ll find some for blonde, reds, browns and just general coloured hair.

Try out the different types but make sure you invest in one that is for your coloured hair. They are formulated to protect your colour and shine.



Don’t Dye It Too Often

Dying your hair will actually damage it more. If you can, hold off dying it for eight weeks or so.

Your roots will start to show but they won’t be too bad. Your roots actually grow about half an inch a month, so two months is just an inch!

Avoid The Chemicals

Chlorine in swimming pools and chemicals in home cleaning products aren’t good for coloured hair. You want to avoid them as much as possible.

This can be difficult if you love swimming. Invest in a swimming cap to protect your hair and keep it looking shiny and beautiful.



Keep The Water Temperature Down

While you may love hot showers, that heat of water is doing some damage to your coloured hair. In fact, it is doing damage all over. Keep the water lukewarm to make the most of your shower.

If you can, when it comes to washing your hair, use cooler water. If you really need to, use the shower over the sink or the bath instead of while you’re getting a shower to wash your hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Remember that the more you wash it, the more the colour is going to fade. Unless you really need to, try to limit the amount that you wash your hair.

This also helps you generally, since the more you wash, the more oils you are stripping out and your body needs to produce more. It can lead to very greasy hair!



Condition All Your Hair

Don’t worry about your hair looking greasy; this isn’t going to happen! When it comes to colour, you need to conditioner all of your hair, from the roots to the tips.

Make sure you really get in there, otherwise the colour dries out your hair and makes it look dull and lifeless.


Think About Your Hair Colour!

If you haven’t coloured it yet or are looking at colouring it again, think about the hair colour.

Try to avoid anything more than a couple of shades from your current colour and watch out for red hues! Red will fade much quicker than any other colour.

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