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5 ways to get the Parisian street style look

1. Be timeless
Why is it that we’ve always regarded Paris as the city of light, love, and grace?
The image in mind is of the women of Paris crossing streets so elegantly as if on runways, day and night, and in such charming style as if posing for a shot with every step. What makes this picturesque scene resonate for decades?
One of the pillars of style here is the concept of timeless acquisitions. The Parisian wardrobe is rich with pieces unbound by time, which make style so attractive time and time again. Think Coco Chanel’s iconic suits, and have you seen Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs?!
Timeless is always in fashion.

2. Effortless and neat
A refined French look is especially tidy; whether the outfit is made up of two or four pieces, it’s no hassle at all! It always seems light, and that it took almost no time to put together and put on. When it comes to accessories, scarves are favorites, otherwise go for a single statement item.

3. Not a lot of skin
It’s all in the demeanor. The way a Parisian woman carries herself is a head turner in itself, not needing much edge. As long as it’s in good taste, some skin is always acceptable. Knee-length pencil skirts, or billowing dresses are certainly staples!

4. Light makeup
French women are known to look proper with a faultless, glowing complexion that seems like it would be a shame to cover! A Parisian woman takes good care of her skin through proper hydration, face masks, and regular beauty rituals. That said, in order to complete the look, light make up is key; barely there foundation, peachy cheeks, mascara, and a rich shade of red lipstick might as well be the signature here.

5. Heels for every occasion
The classic Parisian would concur. Although our modern-day quests require us to have footwear that is slightly more practical, I have seen it done. It is always impressive seeing a workingwoman walk briskly, as if in a quickstep, in heels. Remember that a woman is most beautiful when comfortable with what she’s wearing, and so there is no point in enduring an uncomfortable experience.

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