The gym doesn’t need to be the only place you break a sweat. Try any one of the following activities to quickly burn 100 calories. (Source: Best Health Magazine.)

  1. Walk around your ‘hood for 36 minutes.
  2. Push a baby around in a stroller for 30 minutes. Don’t have a baby? Offer to babysit for a friend. (Your friend will love you!)
  3. Jog up and down a flight of stairs for 14 minutes.
  4. Have you been thinking of doing a little redecorating? Paint a wall for 44 minutes.
  5. Did you do a load of laundry? Iron your clothes for 39 minutes to burn 100 calories.
  6. Get rid of the dust and clutter by cleaning your house/apartment for 35 minutes.
  7. Hand wash your car for 20 minutes.
  8. And my personal favorite: Channel your inner Beyoncé and dance around to your favorite songs for 14 minutes.

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