Being a parent is hard work; don’t be fooled by the persons who tell you it’s easy as pie! Parenting takes a special kind of skill. Anyone can have a child but not everyone can be a parent. Different hemispheres treat discipline of children differently. In the USA it’s a crime to discipline a child by the introduction of the strap or with any physical stress to that child.

In the Caribbean it’s Ok to give the child a lash or two with a belt for him/her to understand that disobedience is a no-no. It really doesn’t always work but sometime it’s very effective. Putting the child in time-out is not a guarantee way either for the child to learn and understand that being naughty or being disobedient is wrong.

So choosing the right style or combination of styles is important to instil discipline… your way! Throw away theparenting books and close down the articles that ‘tell’ you how to raise your child. You are the only one who knows if the product of your loins is a little terror, an angel or somewhere in-between.

Anyone claiming their book is a manual for raising a child is a scam artist and only wants to profit off unsuspecting people. The best teacher for raising a child is by trial and error. Sometimes your parents and offer a different perspective on how they were able to deal with you and shape you into a productive member of society.


Children have their own personalities and you have to discern what type you child is. Maybe he is the quiet shy type or the rambunctious destructive type or nestle somewhere in-between. Maybe he is the one who will sit quietly and watch television or play his Xbox or he is the one who will hold the cat by its tail and spin it around!

Whatever types of personality your child is he/she needs to know he /she is loved and needed. Most parents nowadays are single parents therefore bonding time is significantly reduced and often the nanny is the first and last person they see daily. Parents nowadays are also burdened with two and three jobs trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. This present economic climate does not lend to any flexibility when you are the sole provider in a household.

Television is not a parenting tool. Do not place your child in front the television to learn behaviours from movies. Young impressionable minds need more stimulation than a bunch of half-naked women and men and unrealistic stunts.
Embrace, love, respect!

Those are the watchwords to live by when raising your child. Do unto other as you will have them do unto you is also another one that assist in demonstrating the directionality that your child should take. Pay it forward! Doing kind deeds for strangers help the child to understand empathy and compassion for others. They will watch you and emulate you, so be very careful of the vibes you send out and the messages you send.