Women's watches - it's not just the machine, which we know the time. In most cases, women's watches serve as a stylish charm and luxury timepieces prestigious brands clearly indicate the status of its owner. Currently, there is a huge selection of women's watches of different brands. What's interesting is the production time meters are now engaged not only watch company with a long history, but almost all the famous European fashion houses.

No one is not surprised when models strutted down the catwalk in outfits from Gucci or Chanel, glitter on his hand watch the same firm, final image. Interestingly, the clock couture almost equal compete with the famous brand watches, accumulated its excellent reputation over the years. Still try to figure out what kind of wrist watch brand women most quoted in the beautiful half of humanity.

Once it is necessary to stipulate that companies that produce only female (or male only) clock does not exist. Almost all of the well-known watch companies in the world can equally be considered branded for both men and women. Each year, determined dozen leading manufacturers, whose timepieces, according to buyers, are the most popular.

For many years one of the best include such companies as: Breguet, Blancpain, Patek, Philippe, Rolex, Omega, Montblanc, Seiko, Diesel Guess and others. It is difficult to say which is the famous watch company most-most, as each of them works in his species and price segment. Therefore, the well-known manufacturers of time indicators logical to classify on the basis of what kind of products they produce.

It is no secret that the clock is divided into status, watch accessories, watches, appliances and just watch. Status indicators called time, which once without direct dialogue, report important information about the rank of the owner (owner). By brand watches, for example, it is easy to guess at what the social ladder is a man. As a rule, chronometers for high people are made of expensive materials - high quality precious metals or alloys. In addition, these timepieces are perfect timeless design, highest precision and, of course, an impressive value. It would not be wrong to say that in some circles status chronometers serve as almost a second passport.

Clock accessory can also be made far from cheap materials (gold, platinum, diamonds), but are still somewhat different function. Their main task - to show a sense of style and good taste of his master (mistress) and to complete an impressive ensemble of fashionable accent. Watch appliance prefer to wear people leading an active lifestyle. For them, the main thing to watch was multifunctional and not only shows the time, but also, where possible, serve as a compass, stopwatch, heart rate meter, etc. Regular hours are choosing practical people without any claims that it is important just to know the exact time.

Palm in the production status of women's watches confidently hold Swiss manufacturers. Best female brand of Swiss watches manufactured by Breguet, Rolex, Omega, Montblanc, Raymond Weil, Adriatica, Frederique Constant.

House of Breguet - a longtime maker of luxury watches mechanisms for the powerful. At one time, customers of the brand were the kings and queens (in particular, the Queen Marie-Antoinette and Queen Victoria), and now women's timepieces are renowned firm spouses of presidents and famous business woman. Modern collection of women's watches Breguet firms are particularly refinement. A characteristic feature of the products of the company for women - gracefully curved oval shape of the dial. Women's watch made of white or pink gold, the dial can be made of natural materials (such as mother of pearl), crowns are often encrusted with diamonds. At the same time the company Breguet timepieces extremely functional: women's timepieces are not only luxurious look - they are an ideal mechanism and provides accurate turn.

Rolex - another company with a worldwide reputation, producing exclusive women's watch. A distinctive feature of hours women's Rolex - rounded body made of precious metals and pearl dials. As for jewelry dials are often used placer diamonds. Typically, Rolex produces ladies' watch collection with a single name and design (eg, «Lady Oyster Perpetual»). Inside the collection varies materials of construction for the chronometers (white, yellow, rose gold) and the color of the dial. In general, summarized as Rolex products for women in two words - is the prestige and grandeur.

Belonging to the elite at issue also ladies watches Swiss watchmaker Omega. Omega brand appliances can be found on diamond hour markers, sapphire crystal and dial impressive. The brand name of the company - a combination of one model in steel and gold color.

Luxury women's watches for ladies and produces world-famous Geneva company Frederique Constant. Classic mechanical watches amaze by their magnificence and restrained style. Comfortable rounded body, refined dial, insertion of precious stones - in an hour Frederique Constant everything is feminine and elegant. Some collections of women's hronometorov from Frederique Constant (eg, Double Heart Beat) are truly iconic. Watch this and some other series in the dial has a special opening through which you can look inside the movement.

Luxury brand women's watches, emphasizing the high status, the company also produces Montblanc, Raymond Weil, Adriatica. Devices of these firms now combine Swiss quality and great design.

But the most complete idea of hours as a complement to the fashion clothes embody the famous fashion houses. Typically, each new collection of clothes from famous designers equipped with own brand accessories. Many hours of haute couture - the real samples of high art design, can beautify and complement any, the most exquisite outfit.

Number one in the production of "jewelry essentials" is considered a fashion house Cartier. The main materials used for the manufacture of ladies' House of hours Cartier, are gold, platinum and precious stones (rubies, sapphires, pearls, diamonds). Ladies watch from the house Cartier - is elegant products with very different, often fancy, but always very original shape of the dial. For example, in the collection of Cartier Crash Limited Edition 2013 gold watch dial is a wavy oval. According to legend, the idea to create a dial of irregular shape came up with the founder of the fashion house when he saw a serious accident after his chronometer, melted by fire. However, contrary to expectations, the master did not upset, but instead saw a prototype of an unusual form of avant-garde exclusive of hours for women. Most models of watches from Cartier bracelets decorated with unusual or precious straps encrusted with hundreds of tiny brilliantikom.

Second place for the production of women's fashion of hours rightfully belongs to the House of Gucci. Fashion-watch from Gucci, according to many - is catchy accessories, with its own face. And no wonder - because on each new collection of watch movements House of Gucci operates well-organized team of professionals. Under the brand Gucci produced annually not less than two hundred hours of new variants. A significant portion of them are female jewelry watch. Branded signs watch brand Gucci - rectangular or round case and a complete lack of numbers on the dial. In addition to Gucci characteristic innovative combination of materials from which the company creates timepieces for women. For example, many elegant new items released under the brand name of the company, made of stainless steel, combined with diamonds. Importantly, the fashion-watch from Gucci - is not just a fashionable and stylish little thing from the famous fashion house. It is also accurate and reliable instrument. Quality assurance of hours women from Gucci - clockwork from the celebrated Swiss firm ETA.

Fashionable and popular brands of women's watches A wide variety of accessories manufactures fashion house Nina Ricci. The first ladies' watch from Nina Ricci appeared in the 70s of the last century. Style of the brand - the sophistication and elegance. We can safely say that the watch industry fashion house Nina Ricci brings true Parisian romance and genuine glamor. A distinctive feature of hours from Nina Ricci - like a picture in miniature dial. Dials women often covers luxury timepieces pattern of flowers or butterflies, studded with diamond grit. By the way, the clock with the brand Nina Ricci not only glamorous and delicate, they are surprisingly accurate. Accuracy provides the manufacturer of products under the brand Nina Ricci - Swiss companies.