Review: The Hunger Games (Girl on Fire)

While fans wait the opening of The Hunger Games (New Movie) this weekend, the iOS and indie game world was awaiting The Hunger Games: Girl on fire, due to the all-star list of talent engaged on it, spearheaded by the proficient Adam Saltsman of Canabalt fame, who’s conjointly engaged on the fascinating approaching game lots of.

It’s associate auto-runner, however additionally associate action game. It’s not associate endless runner although, as there's associate actual finish to the sport that comes once the primary section ends. Players management series heroine Katniss Everdeen, who’s running through the forest, searching down the enormous hornets known as huntsman jackers that may hurt her. once she gets hit by a projectile or by hit one amongst the hornets, she gets surprised and slows down, however doesn’t die, although if she gets hit once more whereas broken, it’s game over. Players will swipe up and right down to switch between the 2 levels, and faucet on the perimeters of the screen to fireplace therein direction at the hornets.

The controls work alright – I felt terribly assured that my inputs meant what they were imagined to do, that is extremely necessary for a game with gesture-based controls. The art sets a good mood, and therefore the animation from Paul Veer is beneficial, as once Katniss’ next arrow is prepared, there's a transparent animation to point out it, which may function an explicit temporal order mechanism. Danny Baranowsky’s audio recording is nice also. the sport includes a ton of depth thereto – there’s temporal order concerned in level change, and in creating strategic selections that enemy to attack.

Not lots is truly explained – why area unit some enemies price additional points once killed than others? What triggers the switch from the forest section to the commercial one? whereas the sport appears content to let the player discover on their own, it's somewhat confusing. i might like to see the idea distended out slightly, as there’s positively space for extra modes and/or challenges. it's additional complicated than Canabalt that was a ‘simple’ game, thus this criticism is also slightly silly. a number of the graphical parts don’t look nearly as good once scaled up to the iPad or the iPod bit tissue layer show, like the score show.

Of course, this can be a free movie tie-in game, however it's a darn smart one. It’s free as in brew too, no in-app purchases here, just a few promotional links to alternative Hunger Games material. The expectation was that this game would be a cut on top of the common movie link, and also the odds were in our favor. this can be undoubtedly well worth the download.