We waited so long for Rihanna's New Song 2015. We once lived during a world wherever every year secure U.S. a replacement Rihanna album. Between 2005 and 2012, there was just one year within which RiRi did not drop a record, and what a chilly, dark year 2008 was.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to presently realize ourselves within the biggest Rihanna drought since she burst onto the scene a decade agone. But, if the rumors ar to be believed, 2015 is the year we have a tendency to finally get the follow-up to 2012's unapologetic.

So far, so good.

The twelvemonth is barely current, and a replacement track has already emerged on-line. that is the excellent news. The unhealthy news is that it's known as Rihanna  "World Peace" it is new song 2015 and it's extremely not superb. the assembly feels like a step back creatively for the singer, as if it might be a B-side from her 2010 album "Loud," that relied heavily on the '90s dance sound that is utilized here. do not even get U.S. started on the dated dubstep drop or those syrupy lyrics. impressed scripting this isn't.

Rihanna has been pushing the inventive envelope her entire career, thus once her new album will finally set out, we have a tendency to expect this one to stay on the room floor. That said, new Rihanna continues to be new Rihanna, thus provides it a listen below.

The message of the song could also be positive, however, fans were fast to show within the comments section that if this is often what to expect for "R8," the songster might not be dominating the charts in the end. Although, it's value mentioning that the leaked track is within the demo stages which the list of producers set to figure with the songster on the album virtually guarantee that this is not the simplest quality of labor the singer can wear her new album.