See the Trevi Fountain sparkle at night.

Stay at the Hotel Portoghesi

Start your trip off on the right foot with a cozy hotel. Hotel Portoghesi ( is an upscale hotel tucked away on a quiet cobblestone street lined with majestic churches, ancient bakeries and taverns and residences. Start your day off with a romantic inclusive breakfast on the hotel's leafy rooftop patio, and end it with a romantic stroll back from the Piazza Navona in the moonlight. Your intimate digs are sure to inspire romance for your travels.

Visit the Trevi Fountain

Take a cue from the classic film "La Dolce Vita," where Marcello Mastroianni watched Anita Ekberg splash in the Trevi Fountain. You don't have to actually get in the fountain's waters to find the romance here, but do go at night. It is a tourist hotspot, but when you see the glittering lights and blue water cascading over the centuries-old carved marble, you're sure to get that romantic feeling. You'll likely be surrounding by couples kissing in front of the fountain. Popping flashbulbs add to the glow from the thousands of photographs that are snapped every minute.

Dine by Candlelight

Finding great food in Rome is hardly a challenge. Intoxicating aromas are around every corner, and there is something delicious just waiting to be tasted behind practically every door. But for the real romance of ancient Rome, dine by candlelight at a trattoria. These neighborhood restaurants are some of Rome's most popular dinner destinations; they are unfussy, but still upscale, and every bit as delicious as the formal restaurants in the city. Ask the hotel concierge -- or better yet, the locals -- where they eat, and go there. The best gems are usually those not written about in travel guides. Enjoy your partner's company and swoon over Italian dishes...and each other. After, take a stroll down cobblestone streets -- dodging people zipping by on scooters -- and indulge in a little gelato, a classic Italian dessert staple. "Travel + Leisure" magazine recommends Il Gelato di San Crispino (

Declare Your Love on the Ponte Milvio Bridge

Another nighttime sight for lovers is the Ponte Milvio Bridge, also known as "Lovers Lane," in northern Rome. The 2007 Italian film "Ho Voglia Di Te" featured a scene in which two love-struck teens crossed the bridge, affixed a padlock to the side, and threw the key into the water below. It was a symbol of their everlasting love. The movie started a trend, as people began to recreate their own scene from the movie with their own padlocks, which now dangle on the sides of the bridge, and hang from lampposts. Many of them are inscribed with messages of love; you and your beloved can craft your own message on your padlock before attaching it to the bridge. Throw the key into the river to declare your eternal love to each other, and bring good luck to your relationship.

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